My latest book—Cashvertising Online reveals research showing that mid-roll ads have the highest completion rates of all video ad placements based on extensive studies of ads in multiple industries. In other words, if you want your ad to be seen from start to finish, you should place it in the middle of a video.
According to the study, mid-roll ads placed in the middle of a video had an impressive completion rate of 97%, while pre-roll ads at the beginning of a video had a completion rate of 74%. And post-roll ads at the end? Well, let’s just say they had a much lower completion rate of just 45%.
Why do mid-roll ads have such high completion rates? It’s simple – viewers are more engaged during the middle of a video. This engagement means they’re more patient when it comes to watching ads, making it the perfect time to place an ad.
If you want to increase the likelihood of your ad being watched in its entirety, mid-roll ads are the way to go. The study found that mid-roll ads were 18.1% more likely to be completed than pre-roll ads. Plus, pre-roll ads were 14.3% more likely to be completed than post-roll ads.
Of course, it’s important to note that mid-roll ads may not be suitable for all types of videos.
For shorter videos that are less than a minute long, it may not be appropriate to interrupt it with a mid-roll ad. But, for longer-form content like webinars or 10-minute videos, mid-roll ads can be a highly effective way to ensure viewers engage with your brand and watch your entire ad.
Based on years of research conducted on thousands of ads, millions of emails and responses, and billions of clicks by some of the world’s most respected data scientists and researchers using the most sophisticated data collection technology and methodology available, “Cashvertising Online” is the definitive guide to online advertising success and the perfect complement to the original “Cashvertising.”
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