About Drew Eric Whitman

Known as “Dr. Direct!,” Drew Eric Whitman is a highly acclaimed marketing expert, celebrated author, and influential figure in the advertising industry. With close to four decades of experience crafting direct-response ad copy for organizations of all sizes, Drew has honed his skills in ad-agency trenches and amassed a wealth of knowledge that sets him apart.

Drew’s expertise lies in his innovative approach to advertising, deeply rooted in the psychology of ad response. His profound understanding of consumer behavior has garnered him global recognition as a true master of the craft. His dynamic speaking style, combined with his ability to tap into the minds of consumers, makes him a sought-after figure at popular marketing events worldwide.

“Consumers firstbuy in their minds

before they reach for their wallets in reality.”

Certified Hypnotherapist. Nearly 30 years’ experience researching and utilizing the power of hypnotism for human potential training, creative development, and accelerated leaming-

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Design Human Engineering and Training Design Specialist.

Personally trained and certified by Richard Bandler, NLP co-developer.

Certified by world-renowned NLP trainers and developers Robert Dilts, Todd Epstein and Judith DeLozier for Advanced NLP Creativity and Innovation Strategies.

Studied under international trainers David Gershon and Gail Straub for facilitating human potential training.

Personal student of legendary advertising icon, Walter Weir.

Ad-Psychology Expert

Revealing Buying Triggers That Fuel Success

IT’S A FACT: All sales begin in the mind. With decades of experience, Drew has dedicated his career to analyzing consumer behavior and identifying the triggers that influence their purchasing preferences.

He has conducted extensive research, analyzing the study results of thousands of ads, millions of emails, and countless clicks to uncover the psychological factors that drive consumer behavior. Drew’s insights and practical strategies, shared in his critically acclaimed books have become indispensable resources for marketers and sales professionals seeking to tap into the power of persuasive communication.

Best-Selling Author

Teaching Success in 11 Languages Worldwide

Drew is a best-selling author whose impactful works have captivated readers around the world with translated versions spanning the globe. With his deep understanding of consumer psychology and persuasive communication, Drew has crafted a collection of influential books that have topped best-seller lists.

His groundbreaking book, Cashvertising, has achieved cult-classic status, captivating readers worldwide, and has been translated into 11 languages.

Drew’s expertise extends to the dynamic realm of online marketing, as showcased in his eagerly anticipated sequel, Cashvertising Online.

For salespeople, his book Brain Scripts for Sales Success teaches tested principles of consumer psychology through powerful scripts crafted to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Drew’s latest title, Smashvertising! brings his popular Cashvertising Clinic™ seminar to life, in an engaging, fully illustrated graphic novel.

Advertising Training Expert

Rapid Improvement Through Intense, High-Content Presentations

Not your typical business trainer, Drew commands the stage with the intensity of a human-potential trainer and completely changes how your participants think about attracting customers. They experience his dramatic stage presence. His unique use of language. His direct, no-nonsense mannerisms. And how he packs more information into one short presentation than most other speakers put into full-day seminars. Bottom line? Drew leaves your audience fully trained and inspired to take action.

Personal Life

Drew’s journey began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he kickstarted his career after graduating from Temple University with a degree in Advertising. But it was his fascination with a desert oasis that truly left an imprint on him. Drawn by the enchanting landscapes and unique ambiance of the Coachella Valley in California, Drew found inspiration that has influenced his perspectives and approach ever since. Alongside his wonderful wife Lindsay, Drew is in awe of how rapidly their two incredible sons, Chase and Reid, are growing. When he’s not busy crafting ads, writing books, or speaking, Drew unleashes his baking prowess. From cheesecakes and crunchy French baguettes to deep-dish pizza, he enjoys creating from-scratch treats that his family devours with great enthusiasm.

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