consulting-image-1“My Writing Has Sold Millions of Dollars
Worth of Products &
Services for America’s
Largest Companies…

May I create some powerful
advertising for you?”

From: Drew Eric Whitman
Tuesday, March 21, 2023


I do.

That’s because I spent over 3 decades creating thousands of hard-hitting promotions for many of the largest and most successful companies in the United States… from Fortune 500 giants, to tiny “mom and pop” shops.

And with my expert-level team of talented graphic designers and illustrators, I’m offering these same powerful ad-agency services directly to you… for a fraction of typical big-agency fees. (Retainers? Phooey! There aren’t any.)


No matter what kind of business you run, hard-hitting advertising can make a dramatic difference in your sales.

That’s because I create your sales materials with the same proven-effective ad-agency techniques I use for giant corporations who spend tens of thousands of dollars for their advertising. You get big-agency talent… big-agency results… without the big-agency tab.

IT’S A FACT: Advertising created by experts gets dramatically better response than amateur, homemade “templated” promotions slapped together by cheap freelancers with limited skills and experience.

What would it mean to your business if you had an ad-agency pro with over a quarter-century of experience creating super-compelling, 100% custom sales materials just for you?


So check out my schedule of services… contact
me… and let’s inject profitable new life into your advertising without delay.



Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™



Choose from 3 Service Levels:


What Kind of Powerful Advertising
May Drew Create for You?



Emotionally Charged & Strong Selling

Most of today’s online promotions are missing a “hook” that’s powerful enough to grab readers’ attention… and persuade them to buy. Many seem to be exercises in writing long copy for the mere sake of making it long. (Zzzzzz.) And still others subscribe to the “give-them-100-free-worthless-gifts-at-the-end-of-the-letter-to-try-to-get them-to-buy” school of copywriting. (If you effectively conveyed the value of the product, a pile of crummy gifts isn’t necessary.) Drew crafts landing pages and emails packed with enough interest, benefits and credibility to convince prospects to whip out credit cards or log into PayPal and send you money.



High-Impact & Packed with Pull

For more than 225 years, the venerable newspaper is still the most credible advertising medium in existence. Multiple studies prove it. And so do effectively crafted ads. Because the right offer can bring you more response than you’re prepared to handle. (But that’s a good problem, right?) Tell Drew what you’re selling and what size ad you want to test. He’ll shoot you back a quote that includes both copy and design. Your shiny new ad will be ready to email to your newspaper. All you do is sit back and wait for the response. Ahhh… what could be easier?



Hard-Hitting & Persuasive

Your sales letter is your salesperson… and your brochure is your salesperson’s sample case, loaded with goodies to help clinch the sale. That’s why you need more than simply “words on paper.” You need hard-hitting copy written in the classic, “old-school,” direct-response style. Plus eye-grabbing design by talented graphic artists, not copy-shop amateurs with layout software. 100% custom-made to order. Any size. Any style. Brochures your competitors will hate you for. (Drew will make sure of it.)



Fiery, Fabulous & Full-Color

Custom-crafted like our famous brochures, but we “hold the fold!” Actually, Drew insists that they’re prepared more like dynamic, 4-color magazine ads. Nothing wimpy here. Drew’s high-impact sales copy and classic direct-response design make your offer stand out from the crowd. One-sided or two-sided, plus your choice of sizes. And no design templates—ever. 100% custom made to order by top-notch pros.



Sizzling with SELL

Need to do some real persuading? A custom-written direct-mail sales letter is the way to go. That’s because it’s more personal, and connects one-to-one with your reader. With literally thousands of sales letters under his belt (written for many of the nation’s most successful companies), Drew knows how to craft persuasive letters that motivate consumers to buy. It’s a true specialty, and takes many years’ experience to do it effectively. May Drew write one for you?



Low-Cost Persuasive Punch

No time (or budget) to mess with envelopes, brochures and sales letters? Still want to make an immediate impact? Postcards are just what the Dr. Direct!™ ordered. Why? Because they start communicating the second they’re seen. You choose the size (Drew likes the big, 11-1/2″ x 6-1/8″ jumbos.) and he’ll write and design a smashing card that promotes your products and services… aggressively. (You do want more sales, don’t you?)