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Intense, high-content workshops jump-start your organization’s sales and profits. Small groups to conferences of thousands. Is it right for my group? home-colum-click



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Expert-level copywriting and design services breathe profitable new life into your marketing and promotions, both online and off. Request a no-cost review… home-colum-click



Ad-Q-Puncture Interventions

Pointed critiques and no-punches-pulled consultations generate rapid improvement and a healthier bottom line. How does it work? home-colum-click


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influence-heading It’s simple: the more persuasive you are, the more you’ll influence people to buy. These proven-effective methods help you create strong-selling web pages, emails, ads, sales letters, and brochures that get attention… get read… and make more money. Learn them free. Sign up below. Cancel any time.

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