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You’re having a special event… and you need a great speaker. Someone who delivers an outstanding, smooth and streamlined experience from the moment your contract is signed to the final handshake. You want a veteran speaker. A renowned industry pro who will command the stage and light your audience on fire. You want drama, impact, entertainment… and high-quality, practical content. Ultimately, you want rave reviews and glowing feedback. Bottom-line: You want “Dr. Direct!”—Drew Eric Whitman.

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WHAT WOULD IT MEAN to your audience if they could DOUBLE… TRIPLE… QUADRUPLE their advertising response? Imagine the extra business they’d enjoy. More clicks… more phone calls… more new customers… and more cash sales than ever before. 

Imagine giving them the almost “magical” ability to instantly determine if their ads have what it takes to succeed… before they spend a penny to run them. 

Your audience can do all this and much more. In just one “roller-coaster” presentation, Drew teaches your audience more about how to create powerfully effective advertising than most business people will know in their entire careers. And that’s not just another advertising claim. It’s what sponsors and participants worldwide are saying about Drew’s fast-paced and high-content keynotes and seminars. 

Choose from Drew’s four
most-popular presentations:

Need more customers? More clicks? More sales? Prepare yourself for 30 intense minutes of Direct-Response Shock Therapy™ as Cashvertising author Drew Eric Whitman shows your audience how the aggressive mindset of a hardcore direct-response pro helps transform weak, ineffective ads into ridiculously powerful moneymakers. Prepare yourself for a seismic brain shift that radically transforms how you think about advertising. KA-CHING!

ARGH… it’s brutal! You’re promoting a great product or service, but your response stinks! (Or isn’t what it could be.) Don’t get frustrated… blame “The Deadly 13”—a terrifying collection of psychological “brain-blocks” hidden in your ads that actually persuade consumers to not respond. In this tough-talking, rapid-fire 30-minute session, Drew teaches your audience how to quickly thwart these “response assassins” and boost their ads’ persuasive power, no matter what they sell. Fast, fun and 100% practical. Bottom line? More profts in their pockets!

Supercharge your audience with the crash-course that started it all! This fast-paced presentation unveils coveted secrets to skyrocket customer traffic, close sales, and surpass competitors. Brace for an interactive session bursting with vibrant visuals, real-life examples, and actionable takeaways. Gain invaluable strategies for rapid business growth, mastering persuasive copywriting, captivating layout, and eye-catching design. Drew’s expertise simplifies these essential skills, revealing how industry experts craft sales messages that captivate, engage, and inspire action. Prepare for an exhilarating session that revitalizes your audience’s marketing game and unlocks remarkable results.

The original, full-length interactive advertising-success program. Teaches everything the Cashvertising Crash Course provides, plus goes into even greater detail with more audience interaction… more audience exercises… and more fun and learning. This powerful, nationally acclaimed, top-rated seminar for over 30 years teaches you exactly how to create effective, money-making advertising of all kinds: ads, brochures, emails, websites, sales letters, flyers, and more. It teaches you why your ads aren’t working and how to fix them fast. Through a combination of colorful graphics, real-world examples, high-energy speaking, and heavy content, you learn scores of easy-to-use ways to boost your ad response and grow your business and profits. These ideas work for all industries, all products, and all services. Fasten your seatbelt... because the learning is fast, fun, and furious! Your choice of 90-minute, 2- or 3-hour formats.

7 Excellent Reasons to Hire Drew
for Your Next Special Event:

1. Today’s Premier Ad-Industry Speaker & Trainer

Drew is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer in the advertising industry, renowned by both brick-and-mortar and online business owners worldwide. His expertise and engaging style have made him a top name in the field.

2. Decades of Presentation Experience

With nearly four decades of experience under his belt, Drew is a master at delivering impactful presentations. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a packed auditorium with thousands of attendees, Drew knows how to create a successful event that reflects positively on your organization.

3. Fascinating Stage Presence

Drew's dramatic stage presence captivates audiences, leaving them engaged and stimulated. His ability to stimulate new and creative thinking sets him apart as a speaker who goes beyond the ordinary.

4. Solid, Practical Content

Drew's presentations focus on real-world, "How-To" techniques that truly work. He offers practical insights and strategies that can be immediately implemented by your audience, ensuring tangible results in their advertising efforts.

5. Consistently Rated "5-Stars"

Drew's excellence is consistently recognized by sponsors and attendees from various industries and businesses of all sizes. His consistently high ratings and positive feedback speak volumes about the value he provides as a speaker and trainer

6. Focused and Streamlined Presentations

Many other speakers take too long to get practical... if they ever do. Instead, Drew eliminates all unnecessary elements from his presentations. There are no boring stories, bad jokes, time-wasting chatter, or sales pitches. Every moment of his presentation is dedicated to training and delivering valuable content to your audience. Meaning? Engaging Drew is an excellent investment in both time and money.

7. Easy to Book and Easy to Host

Drew's positive, upbeat, and easygoing nature makes him a pleasure to work with. From booking to hosting, he ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved. His streamlined presentations will leave you feeling confident and satisfied.

Choose Drew for your event and benefit from his availability for "Meet-the-Speaker" events and pre- and post-event interviews, offering valuable publicity opportunities. With a range of audience-tested presentations and options for customization, Drew caters to most every format and requirement. Elevate your event and empower your audience with Drew's expertise, charisma, and dedication to delivering exceptional value.





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