• Over 83% of people read headlines only. Your headline MUST stop them
    or your advertising will likely fail.
  • Captions under photos get 200% greater readership than non-headline
  • Ads with sale prices draw 20% more attention and increase depth of
  • Half-page ads pull about 70% of full-page ads… quarter-page ads pull
    about 50% of full-page ads.
  • At 12 points and larger, Ariel is the easiest-to-read font. Under 12 point,
    use Verdana.
  • 4-color ads are up to 45% more effective than black and white.
  • New York’s biggest ad agencies use dozens of these little-known secrets every day to influence people to buy. And now—thanks to CA$HVERTISING, you can too.

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And it doesn’t matter one bit whether you’re a corporate giant or a mom & pop pizza shop.

That’s because these techniques are based on human psychology. They work no matter where you’re located… no matter what kind of product or service you sell… and no matter where you advertise. In fact, most don’t cost a penny to use.

Like a wild roller-coaster ride through the streets of
Madison Avenue, CA$HVERTISING teaches you
the tips, tricks, and strategies that

New York’s top-gun copywriters and designers use to persuade people to buy like crazy.

Fast-moving, fun-reading, and practical, CA$HVERTISING saves you years of costly trial-and-error
experimentation and helps put you on the fast track to advertising and business success.

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products-image-4TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS NOW! Harness the Power of 11 of the World’s Leading Business Experts as They Teach You Over $50,000 of Ready-to-Use Insider Secrets and Strategies for Supercharging Your: Ads, Sales Letters, Brochures, Web Sites, Internet Marketing, Business Strategies, Networking, Sales, Referral Systems, Influence, Personal Power, Copywriting, And More.

products-image-5Features a solid 12-1/2 hours of practical, high-content training by Marketing Mastermind Tim Adams, Jerry Fletcher (The Networking Ninja™), Greg Gibson (Dr. Influence), Ad-Agency Expert Mike Harris, John Haskell (Dr. Revenue®), Larry Mersereau (The Success Strategist), Hank Moore (Corporate Strategist™), Marketing Maverick Albert Palacios, Business Psychologist Scott Sindelar, Drew Eric Whitman (Dr. Direct!™), and special guest, internationally acclaimed sales mentor, Dottie Walters.


“You are about to experience the most information-rich audio program on growing your business available anywhere. This fast-paced album brings together 11 of the world’s foremost experts on advertising, marketing and sales—without the fluff, filler and impracticalities common to most other business programs. With the combined experience of over two centuries, the MasterMinds of Marketing take you by the hand and deliver a treasure-house of tested and proven strategies you can apply—right now—to start boosting your sales and profits… no matter what type of business you run.”

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Here Are Just a Few of The
Hundreds of Things You’ll Learn:

  • How to Get Prospects to Choose YOU Over the Competition—Sneaky ways to make YOU the “preferred provider.”
  • How to Convince Any Skeptic—Using new tools of psychology unknown to most (if not all) of your competition.
  • 13 “Brain-Leverage” Tools to Build an Instantly Recognizable Identity—You’ll stand out in the crowd so prospects will think of YOU first.
  • Tested & Proven Methods for Becoming Famous Using Traditional & Electronic Media
    Want instant credibility? You MUST listen to this session.
  • How to Affect Your Customers on an Unconscious Level—High-tech” ways to help prospects realize the value of your offer.
  • Secrets for Attracting the Maximum Possible Number of Prospects—Tested & proven “Pro Tricks” to start a river of new prospects flowing to your front door.
  • products-image-5How to Hold Readers’ Attention Like Glue—The more they read, the more you sell. Super-easy tricks that work.
  • 8 Instant-Effect “Booster Shots” to Help You Fire-Up Your Bottom Line—A master of business strategy teaches you to make foundational-level business changes that translate into more $$$ for YOU.
  • How to Create a Competitive Matrix for Developing an Unstoppable Business War Plan—Find the cracks in your competitions’ armor… exploit & profit big from their weaknesses.
  • How to Write Sales Letters that “Sizzle & Pop!”—A master’s course on two full discs. You’ll laugh at your old sales letters after what you learn in this special double-length program… (no kidding).
  • How to Sequence Your Sales Message for Maximum Unconscious Impact—Yes, it makes a MAJOR difference WHEN you present each of your sales points. Learn why and how to do it correctly.
  • How to Put Million-Dollar Secrets of Giant Companies to Work for You—Use the tricks that the major players use to crush their competition.
  • How to Craft a Dynamic Growth Strategy for Unlimited Success—The strategist for many of the nation’s top corporate giants tells you how.
  • How to Become Absolutely Fearless Selling Any Product or Service—Pick up the phone and call those prospects you dread calling. Make those contacts you’ve been putting off. Smash through the fear that’s keeping you from enjoying enormous success. Renowned usiness psychologist teaches you how in his special double-length consultation.
  • The “Fudge Devil Volcano Technique” for Writing “Thunder-Bolt” Headlines—A crazy name for an awesome technique to install powerful mental movies in the minds of your prospects.
  • How to Use “Ad-Q-Puncture”™ to Shock Your Readers into Buying—Stop writing wimpy sales copy. Learn how to shake people up by using advertising “tough talk” that gets results.
  • Why Your Web Site Will Likely Fail Miserably & How to Fix it in Minutes—Internet-guru teaches you tricks learned after surfing to more than 20,000 pages… start a stampede to your web site NOW.
  • How to Create Guarantees that Seduce Customers into Buying—Ridiculously simple, but amazingly powerful. Expect an IMMEDIATE increase in your response… no matter what your business.


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  • Fast-moving, extremely high-content seminar recorded on location at Drew’s live AdPOWER!™ Clinic copywriting training. Great sound quality. Covers the psychology of direct-response copywriting and design in a fun, upbeat, and impactful way. Direct and to-the-point. No time-wasting, “Let’s hear what the audience thinks” nonsense, so common to other recorded-live business trainings. All content is 100% practical and ready to apply to help boost your sales.
  • You get 130 minutes of solid training… guaranteed to teach you more about how to create effective advertising than 99% of your competitors will learn in their entire careers. NOTE: This is a how-to seminar designed to teach the most in the shortest time possible. Bad jokes? Boring stories? Time-wasting fluff? Not in this program.
  • Excellent crash course if you want to learn the “meat” of what makes advertising copywriting and design work, but don’t want to spend forever reading and studying about it… or risk buying slow-moving programs containing lots of fluff with little practical advice.
  • This is the exact seminar that has received rave reviews from both participants and sponsors throughout the U.S. And it’s a perfect companion for Drew’s popular book CA$HVERTISING.
  • This specific recording of this seminar focuses on print advertising: ads, brochures, sales letters, flyers and similar hardcopy promotional materials—sales components used by most businesses today. However, 99% of the ideas expressed apply equally to emails, websites and landing pages because the same things that influence people in print also influence them online. This is a course on advertising psychology and its use in both ad copy and design. One sign of an advertising amateur is someone who says, “Oh, I only need to learn about online advertising… it’s completely different than print advertising.” Fact is, once you know the psychology of influencing consumers to buy from a print ad, you can influence them to buy online. Effective advertising starts with the pitch, not the medium. Once you know how to create an effective pitch, you can then tailor it to the medium. (And there are plenty of books, courses and articles available that teach you how.) As a testament of how this program is universally applicable to every type of business and service, this exact course is popular in Japan in its translated version.
  • Comes with Drew’s No-Nonsense One-Year Money Back Guarantee. You MUST be 100% thrilled in every way or return it in like-new condition for a full refund, less shipping.


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INTRODUCING AN EXCITING ad specialty that delivers real advertising P-U-N-C-H! This fascinating 32-page guide is jam-packed with highlights of Drew’s wildly successful Advertising Magic!™ seminar that’s received rave reviews from Chambers of Commerce and business organizations across the U.S. since 1993. Teaches your recipients how to “turbo-charge” their ads, brochures, sales letters, emails, and websites using the 50 greatest tips, tricks, and techniques of today’s most successful New York ad agencies.

products-image-15THIS “POCKET-SIZED SEMINAR” helps save your recipients years in frustrating trial-and-error experiments and thousands of wasted ad dollars. And like a salesperson in disguise, it also promotes your products and services with not only your company name and logo on the front cover, but also with your full-page ad on the back cover that can’t be missed!


  • The Easy Way to Make Big Impressions on Business Clients and Prospects in Any Industry. Taps into Every Businessperson’s Desire to Attract More Customers and Make More Money.
  • Ideal for Business-to-Business Companies of All Kinds, plus Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers, Business Expos, Conventions, Associations, and any business whose clients would benefit from better advertising response.
  • Valuable Thank-You Gift, Prospecting Tool, and Trade Show Giveaway that Recipients Keep and Use.
  • Chock-Full of Real-World, “Put-It-to-Use” Information. No Fluff, No Filler.
    100% Practical and Useful.
  • Low Per-Unit Cost Makes It Affordable, Even for Modest Promotional Budgets.
  • Convenient 3 ½” x 8 ⅜” Size Slips into Standard #10 Envelopes. Beautiful Full-Color Printing. $10 Cover Price.

products-image-17It’s an advertising crash-course in a little 32-page “how-to” pocket guide that’s based on Drew’s nationally famous direct-response advertising seminar that’s received rave reviews from hundreds of business organizations across the U.S.

Go ahead… open it to any page… and you get an instant “crash-course” in what it takes to create psychologically powerful advertising that makes money… no matter what kind of products or services you sell. Packed with real-world, how-to info, you’ll learn things like…

  • 7 tested headline words thatBOOM!stop people dead in their tracks
  • How to save $830 for every $1,000 you spent on ads.(1 easy change does it.)
  • A simple ad shape that gets read 2, 3, 4 times as often. (Yes, it really works!)
  • An almost magical way to boost ad readership by 200%, unknown to most people
  • How to effortlessly create influential “Mental Movies” in your prospects’ brains
  • Plus 7,000 Words, Graphics, Checklists, Hot Tips, Guidelines, and MUCH MORE