Need More Clicks? More Response? More Dollars In Your Wallet? This Deal Is For You… especially if you’ve been relying on “cheap” AI chatbots to create your copy!

“Internationally Recognized Ad Expert Drew Eric Whitman Personally Reviews Your Advertising… and tells you how to dramatically boost your response & sales

He pulls no punches… tells you what’s great… what’s killing your response… and exactly how to boost your readership and power-up your response FAST with his hardcore, no-nonsense, deadly specific…

Qualified? Hell yeah! He’s the author of today’s best-selling and highest-reviewed ad-psychology book translated into 11 languages worldwide…

“For a LIMITED-TIME ONLY, I’m Waiving My $1,000 Minimum Fee and Offering Personal Advertising Consultations for Just $299*”

Dear Friend:

It’s enough to drive you #%@$@# BONKERS!

You KNOW you have a good product or service.

You KNOW it’s priced fairly.

And you KNOW you’re reaching the right audience.

So Why the Heck Are You Getting Such Crap… Crap… CRAPPY Response… Even While Using AI to Generate Your Ads?

FLUSH! Your money goes down the toilet!

FLUSH! Your time goes down the drain!

FLUSH! You start getting frustrated… discouraged… and wonder if all the effort is worth it.

Sound familiar?

FACT IS… your ads are likely violating one of more of the rules of effective advertising.

In fact, I’d bet my life on it.

Chances are — unless you’ve made a study of my book, Cashvertising — these violations are probably invisible to you. 

And here’s the truth—even the most advanced AI available today can’t gauge whether the ads it mechanically churns out for you possess the emotional impact necessary to convert prospects into loyal customers. And we all know that emotion is the key to turning mere lookers into enthusiastic buyers. 

I see the mistakes that both human writers and AI make. They stand out like a GIANT red stop sign. Like the scores of violations I see on other clients’ work

FACT: Most of The Worst AI-Generated Ad-Reponse Violations are Completely “Invisible” to You…

But They Can Cripple Your Reponse!

This poor advertiser (a really great guy) didn’t see the slew of violations right under his nose! Who could blame him though? The  chatbot-generated copy looked so good.

What kinds of things do I find?

PLENTY! Copywriting violations… design violations… persuasion violations… problems with flow and grammar… credibility and directive… violations of pacing and emotional buildup… benefits and competitive comparatives… social proof… and more.

The question is…

How well would YOUR ad, email or web page fare on my “operating table?”

It’s easy to find out. Simply email me a link or attachment of your promotion for an honest (and no-punches-pulled) assessment that will save you hours of frustration and months of costly trial and error with my powerful…

FACT: Most of The Worst Violations are Completely “Invisible” to You…

… and tell you exactly what you need to change RIGHT NOW for greater response & more orders

FACT: Your Prospects are Affected by The Advertising Violations That You Can’t See!

But just because YOU can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there.

In fact, you’ll kick yourself for the typically long list of advertising “violations” that “jump off the page” to me that are likely invisible to you…

…but greatly affect your prospects’ desire to buy… or NOT!

In fact, I’ve been seeing thousands of business-killing ad violations in advertising for over 37 years.

(That’s longer than many of today’s online marketers have been alive.)

Show me your ad (or email, landing page, sales letter, etc.), I’ll show you many of the mistakes you’re now making and explain how to fix them. Mistakes that are possibly costing you thousands of dollars in wasted time, money and lost sales. 

Free AI copywriters seem like a good deal, don’t they? They create what SOUND like good ads. The words read well. The flow feels natural. And they’re even clever sometimes. BUT… they have no idea about emotional impact. They’re “smart” when it comes to writing general copy… but totally “brain-dead” when it comes to knowing what causes people to spend money.

WARNING: Weak ads keep costing you $$$ — every single day — until you fix them.

You’ll kick yourself when I show you what’s stealing your response

LISTEN: I’m a professional ad man with decades of real-word experience. Not a newbie “web guy” who just learned to write ads last year from some online course by an advertising nobody.

I’m also not anybody’s “pay to play” protégé trying to make myself out to be some expert after attending their guru’s bogus, “How to Become an Internet Marketing Consultant and Get Rich!” seminar.

(I hope you never fall for the sales letters of these perhaps well-meaning, but inexperienced newbies.)

Instead, I’ve spent over 37 years in the trenches. Working for top corporations. Major ad agencies. Writing hard-hitting ad copy for some of the largest companies in the United States.

In fact, I was one of the very first advertising consultants online. (Google my name and you’ll see what I mean.) That’s long before ineffective AI-ads were even a “thing.”

I know (and use) tested and proven-effective techniques and strategies to influence people to buy.

I Teach Business Owners Around the World How Skyrocket Their Ad Response
(And now I’ll do the same for you.)

A minimum consultation with me is $1,000.

That’s ridiculously low for the value you get.

(Admittedly, I’m terribly overdue to raise my fees and will be doing so next month.)

But because consulting is only part of my business (there are also books, speaking engagements and writing), I’ve kept my consulting fees reasonable to attract the greatest variety of interesting projects to choose from. (Especially since I don’t accept them all.)

And no, I don’t accept only the “big” ones.

Fact is, I often enjoy working more with the newbies — the “little guys.”

… Like the kid from Phoenix selling crazy T-shirts.

… The couple from Palm Springs selling homemade soaps.

… The 20-something tech guru from Paris with his stop-smoking hypnosis software.

… The guy from Ohio promoting his deck power-washing services.

… And the handcrafted shoe manufacturer from Slovenia.

And many others.

Most of these guys aren’t working with big budgets.

…or driving Bentleys.

… or smoking Arturo Fuente Opus X Destino Lancero cigars. ($33.75 a stick!)

So, right now… for a limited time… I’m waiving my minimum $1,000 investment and giving you a 100% personal advertising review… my no-punches-pulled Ca$hvertising Checkup!… for just $299 complete.

(If you qualify.)

“Aha, Drew… you knave! I knew there was a catch!”

Not really.

By “qualify” I simply mean you’re advertising an interesting product or service that I’d enjoy critiquing. Truth is, I find most projects interesting, but I reserve the right to say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

For example, here are some things that wouldn’t qualify for this special offer…

Adult: Er, no

Investing: Too much legal BS

Diet & Nutrition: OK only if yours is unique, please

Medical: Only if you're a physician

Casino-Game Apps: No thanks

Web Hosting: Zzzzzzzzz... thud! (Drew's head hits keyboard)

Do YOU Have an Ad, Email, Web Page, Brochure or Sales Letter that Needs Help?
I’ll tell you how to make it better, stronger & more profitable.

I’ll spend a full half hour — sometimes more — reviewing your ad copy and graphics… formulating my suggestions… and then send you a detailed, marked-up PDF showing and telling you exactly what I found and what you need to do for better response.

And believe me… after 37+ years in the business, I can see an entire WORLD of problems in just the first few minutes of looking at your ads and web pages.

After my review, I’ll shoot you an email with my initial impressions… my professional observations… the things that made me happy… and the things that made me fall off my chair writhing with disgust.

Don’t laugh! Because these are the exact same things that are causing your prospects NOT to buy!

My review might consist of just one meaty, hardcore paragraph… or several long rambling ones.

I might say, “You’ve done a great job. And here are some specific tweaks I suggest to make it better…”

Or, I might say:

“Good Mother of God! What a hot mess! I beg of you… re-read CA$HVERTISING before going to bed tonight! And here’s what you better do RIGHT NOW if you’re serious about this business!”

In any case, my review will be 100% personal to YOUR advertising and will contain specific, concrete and practical feedback that you can immediately apply to help boost your response.

— I’LL TELL YOU how to get more people to click… respond… buy!

— I’LL TELL YOU what you need to rewrite, rework, beef-up or play down.

— I’LL TELL YOU what’s great… and where you’re falling on your face.

— I’LL TELL YOU how to do it even better next time… and every time thereafter.

BOTTOM-LINE: If you do what I say — and you do it properly — you should see a definite improvement in your response.

FACT: Implementing the ideas I share can save you months or years of frustrating and costly trial and error.

Your Copy Might Need Just a Tweak… Or a Whole Lot More.

(This offer is not for the squeamish.)

LISTEN: If you’re looking for an honest assessment, then I’m your guy.
But if you’re afraid to hear that you’re possibly doing it all wrong, you’re better off continuing to bury your head in the sand.

You certainly don’t want me ruining your day.

(Even though what I reveal could help you totally transform your business.)

Of course, ignoring the problems is also a recipe for disaster.

Direct-response advertising is all about testing. Improving. Retesting. And testing again. (That means you need to be cool with making changes.)

“But, Drew! What if I want YOU to make the improvements for me?”

Just ask, and I’ll be happy to shoot you a quote.

And that’s the reason I can make you this offer.

Because a percentage of those I help with the low-cost reviews turn into wonderful, long-term clients. (But there’s NEVER any obligation or pressure.)

But don’t wait. I’ll accept only so many reviews at this price at one time in order to provide quick turnarounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many components will you review for this deal?

For this special deal, I will review one advertising component. That’s your choice of one ad, one email or sales letter (up to 2 pages long–that’s about 700 words), one landing or web page (of a length similar to a 2-page sales letter) or one postcard or similar. If you have more than one component that you’d like to submit for review under this deal, simply make separate payments as each job will be handled separately.

Will you rewrite my copy?

Because this is a review and critique service done in a limited amount of time, this gig does not include rewriting your ad copy, although I might also provide good ideas that you can work into your new copy. What I will do is tell you exactly what you need to do to increase the effectiveness of your copy. Of course, if you’re interested in my creative services after your review, I’d be happy to quote you… just ask!

Do you really review my ads yourself?

Absolutely. Your advertising will get my focused attention and I’ll personally email you the results when I’m done. It’s my hope that we can build a mutually rewarding business relationship.

How long does it take to get my results?

All Checkups are done on a first-come basis, but typically — if you’ve sent me all the required references I need — it usually takes about 48-72 hours M-F. Don’t fret. I’ll let you know via email when to expect it.

How do you send the results?

All results are sent by email on a first-come basis… in PDF format like the samples shown on this page… all marked up with detailed notes you can put to immediate use. The reason I’m limiting this offer is to keep the reviews to a manageable level for fastest service for everyone. Order your review now while the deal is still available.

Can I email you with questions after the review?

Of course! I’m always happy to help my friends clarify anything contained in my reviews. To keep things manageable, please put all your questions in one email and type: “Follow-Up Questions from YOUR NAME” in the subject line. That way we don’t have multiple emails bouncing back and forth simultaneously. My goal is to help you succeed!

Sounds Great, Drew!
I’m Ready for My…

Excellent! Simply click the big green button below while this deal is still available.


After I receive your order, I’ll send you an email asking you to send me your advertising component (ad, sales letter, landing page, etc.) via link or PDF.

… I will confirm its receipt and shoot back any questions I might have.

… You go make iced tea and sit back and relax while I go to work for you. 😉

Click this green button now and I’ll see you on “the other side!”

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