Colorful BUTTONS are more effective than LINKS in motivating people to take action, according to several studies performed on exactly this topic.
I discuss this finding in my new book “Cashvertising Online”–the long-anticipated follow-up to “Cashvertising” that’s scheduled for release later this year. (Yeah, I took way too long to write it–sigh.)
STUDY: For example, one study, published in the Journal of Marketing Research, found that the use of colorful buttons led to a 27% increase in clicks compared to text-based links.
The authors attribute this increase to the fact that buttons are more visually salient and attention-grabbing than text links. In addition, buttons provide a clear call to action, making it easy for users to understand what they should do next.
STUDY: Buttons have also been shown to be more effective at driving conversions. A case study by ConversionXL found that replacing text-based links with buttons increased conversions by 45%. This is likely due to the fact that buttons allow for more customization, allowing businesses to create a cohesive and visually appealing experience for the user.
Using a clear call to action that’s graphically suggested by a button, is essential for increasing conversions, in addition to the importance of using strong and active language smack dab in the middle of them, such as “BUY NOW” or “SIGN UP” to further motivate the user to take action. Seems trite, right? But it works.
Even better is button language that is specific to your offer such as, “BUY NOW” (in a larger font) and in a smaller font underneath: “…and protect yourself from attack” as an example for a pepper-spray device.
The research and principles outlined in depth in “Cashvertising Online” support the use of colorful buttons as a highly effective tool for driving clicks and conversions in online advertising.
What about the ongoing GREEN vs. BLUE button debate? (Or any other color, for that matter.)
Research has found that it’s simply what’s most noticeable on your specific web page. Test different colors and designs to find the combination that works best for you.
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