My Deep Diagnosis Gives You:

"Whoa, Nelly! Get a 50% Deeper & More Complete Ad-Copy Review with My More Powerful...

Here's Your Chance to Upgrade to My More In-Depth Deep Diagnosis for Just $47 (a $299 value) & I'll DOUBLE Your Consulting Time for the Same Promotion & Spend Up to One Full Hour Giving You More Practical Suggestions on How to Supercharge Your Advertising"

IMPORTANT: This Special Discounted Offer Is Available Only Before Your Checkup Starts. (No kidding.) This combined deal saves you $252!

"Click the Big Green Button Below & I'll Give You Up to Twice as Many Ideas to Boost Your Response... More Advice... More Actual Copy Suggestions... for Just $47!"

CONGRATS! You already made a great decision to have an internationally respected direct-response advertising professional personally help you boost your response and sales. Now make a good thing even better by DOUBLING the time Drew spends examining your promotion. The more time he has, the more suggestions he can provide and — more importantly — the most detailed his advice can be.

Since you’ve already booked your Checkup, you can add an additional half hour for Drew to review the same promotion… not for an additional $299, but for just $47. You’re getting (at least) one full hour with Drew… a full hour of expert review… expert suggestions… expert ideas from a 37+-year advertising veteran to help you correct mistakes that are crippling your response. It’s an instant savings of $252 in your pocket.

Just click the big green button and Drew will dig in with 2 scalpels and give you a doubly helpful CA$HVERTISING Deep Diagnosis…

Upgrade Now to Gain These 3 Big Benefits:
With more time to review your promotion, Drew also has more time to consider the best ways to improve it. This Deep Diagnosis adds an additional 30 minutes to the basic Cashvertising Checkup. Instead of paying $598 for an hour review, you get (at least) an extra half-hour added to your 30-minute review for just $47 more. It’s a win-win for you and your business any way you look at it! (But it’s only available NOW, before Drew begins your review.)
Drew’s advertising reviews are more than just critiques. That’s because he likes to offer practical, “what-to-do” suggestions and ideas you can start using immediately to boost your response. With an additional 30 minutes — a total of one full hour — he can spend up to the first 30 minutes critiquing and the rest of the time giving you personal suggestions on how to make your advertising better. After all… the more specific suggestions, the better, right?
Even though this is a review & critique  rather than a copywriting service, Drew can still give you invaluable direction on how to reword some elements for greater impact. For example, if he thinks your headline is “on life support,” he might suggest new words or new positioning to apply. Same with subheads and other major copy elements. Little tweaks to heads and subs alone could result in dramatic improvements to your response!
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