Are “Zombie Ads” Eating Your Business Alive?

FACT: One change to your mindset can instantly transform your business from a money-wasting “zombie factory” into a high-profit operation that your competitors will both fear and envy.

It’s “The Rule of ABMO: Always Be Making Offers.

This means that every marketing effort you undertake should include an outright promotional offer… a special, savings, deal, bonus, coupon… any kind of specific offer that asks people to respond. That’s what you want, right? You don’t simply want to inform them, do you?


The opposite? Ads that simply say that you’re in business. I call these “Zombie Ads” because they’re the promotional walking dead. Like a business card, these–YAWN!–ads give consumers no reason to take action. No reason to buy. They spend your money, but return no sales… and–like a rotten-fleshed, fly-infested zombie– effectively eat your business alive.

It’s the difference between saying, “We’re Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary!” (No offer… no reason to respond… no reason to give a damn.), and: “FREE CAR WASH… PLUS SAVE $15 On Every Oil Change Now Through August 21” (Ahhh… two nice big benefits, PLUS the all-important deadline to drive action.)

See the difference? Feel the difference?

FACT: People don’t care that you own a business. And they couldn’t care less that you want customers. (Gasp!) The only thing they care about is what your business can DO for them. Give them no offer… zero reason to respond… and you’re saying, “Relax! No need to give us your business now. When—and if—you want what we’re selling, maybe, hopefully, if we’re lucky, one day… you’ll think about us… er, ok?”

cogThis was the cautious “Oh, I don’t want to be too pushy, Drew” copywriting mindset of many former independent business owners and entrepreneurs who are now sitting behind desks… miserable… begrudgingly working like cogs in a giant wheel that’s churning for someone else’s success.

The bottom line? ABMO. Always Be Making Offers.

If your business is like most, then your success is directly tied to the number of offers you make.

Make one offer per year, and you’ll reap the rewards of one offer. (That is, if it closes.)

Make one hundred offers per year, and your chances for success are vastly improved.

Hey, what if you made one thousand offers per year? Would that have a positive impact on your business and bank account? Would your competition be particularly pleased?

Point made.

Article done.