What’s It Like to Do Business with YOU?

FACT: Most businesses today give “EL-CRAPPO” customer service.

That’s because most business people think that customer service only means making people happy before and during the sale.

You know… smiling a lot… saying “my pleasure” every few seconds… mentally reciting “the customer is always right”… and always remembering to say, “thank you.”

Truth is, providing excellent customer service also means being a gracious steward for your patrons’ entire experience. And it’s the most powerful form of advertising you can possibly imagine… and doesn’t have to cost you one single penny.

“HUH? What the heck are you talking about, Drew?”

Simply put… what’s it like to do business with you?

Did you ever think about this?

Do you simply give people what they pay you for and no more?

brownieIn other words, if you sell homemade brownies from your website, do you simply take their money and ship the product? Or do you do something more to create some kind of memorable experience?

“But I’m not in the ‘experience’ business, Drew… I’m in the brownie-selling business!”

Is this your attitude? Fact is, you’re not just selling brownies. You’re consciously or unconsciously selling absolutely everything you do from the moment your customer visits your website to the time he sinks his teeth into that chewy-chocolately chunk. (He’ll remember the entire experience whether it was exceptionally good or exceptionally bad.)


Or, let’s say you run a pet-sitting service. Your customer judges the transaction on not only how well you cared for his pet (something he already expects you to do), but also on the entire experience. He could be perfectly thrilled with the dog getting a walk and a treat, but never return because of the indifference he experienced from you and your staff. The next time his pooch needs a sitter, he’ll recall the feelings that dealing with you— versus your competition—gave him.

If your competitors are selling their customers on their entire experience while you’re focusing on only the dog walk, they’ll always have the upper hand in the persuasion department. They’ll be working on 100% of the experience and you’ll be addressing a mere fraction of that.

Ask yourself, “What’s it like doing business with me? Do I do something extra… even a little extra… to make the process more of an experience for the person… something they’ll appreciate and remember?”

For example, when someone buys one of my training products, I always include a full-page personalized thank you letter with a very warm expression of my sincere appreciate for their valued business. In addition, I invite them to contact me if they have any questions whatsoever. I tell them I’m there for them. In other words, I make more of a connection than does the average seller of business products.

As the author, I express the willingness to help them, should they need it. I tell them my door is always open. It’s something that few other authors do… or want to do. Most don’t want the personal contact because they take an “en masse” approach. They think, “What happens if they all take me up on my offer to help them?” Well.. you’ll make a lot of customers happy… probably happy enough to continue doing business with you.

What about YOU? What more can you do? What more can you add? It doesn’t have to be much. It’s the IMPACT that’s important… not the “thing” you do.

For example, I’m pleasantly SHOCKED when several days after a doctor’s appointment, I get a call from the physician asking how I’m doing. Wow! It’s enough to knock me onto the floor! Who’s ever heard of such service?

Or, a local restaurant calls to thank me for filling out a survey card. Wow! This kind of thing is so uncommon it’s literally shocking.

But WHY is it so shocking? I’ll tell you…

It’s so shocking because, nowadays, most businesses and business people don’t give a damn about anything other than taking your money.

Another way to put it is this: They care only to the extent that you pay them. Once the payment happens and you’ve gotten your stuff, au revoir! Sad, but true. So when a business person shows he or she cares, it’s quite a jarring experience, isn’t it?

REMEMBER: Whenever you make a new customer, you’re starting a brand new relationship. Do little (or nothing) more than you’re legally obligated to do, and you’ll turn a possibly great (and profitable) relationship into just a “one-sale-stand.”

OR… wow them with a show of your appreciation and concern, and you’ll set the stage for mutually beneficial (and profitable) long-term experience.

Don’t forget your repeat customers. They also deserve a little extra, too.

So, don’t just say, “Hmm… interesting” and click away. Implement this idea immediately and reap the rewards.

Until next time, I leave you with this quote:

“Always render more and better service
than is expected of you,
no matter what your task may be.”

Augustine “Og” Mandino II
Author of “The Greatest Salesman in the World”





Drew Eric Whitman, D R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

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