Do You Need an Advertising Copywriting Coach/Mentor?

consulting-image-1Dear Friend:

What could a personal, one-on-one copywriting mentorship do for you?

Over the past few years, I’ve received emails from people around the world asking if I offered copywriting mentorships. As much as I enjoy teaching, I simply didn’t have the time and regrettably said no.

I’ve decided to offer a limited number of personal, one-on-one copywriting mentorships to aspiring copywriters and/or those who’d like the close counsel of an experienced senior direct-response writer to help them improve their own sales materials.

• Perhaps you’re a recent college grad… just starting out… or someone changing careers… and you’re wondering the best path to take to become a copywriting professional. Maybe you’re not sure of the right way to approach companies and agencies… the best way to demonstrate your abilities… even the most effective way to conduct yourself during interviews. Are your samples good enough? What’s lacking? What are you now doing that’s perhaps quashing your chances of landing the perfect job? I’ve been through it. As your copywriting mentor, I can help.

• Or, maybe you’re an experienced business professional who’s selling a quality product or service. You’re good at what you do, but you know that having an experienced ad pro could help accelerate your success. You understand the value of having an experienced, senior advertising professional available for frequent contacts… to ask questions of… run an idea past… show your latest campaign to… or just get some quick feedback on an ad, brochure, email, web site, landing page, or other advertising component before put any more money into it.

mentor2I’ve spent over 30 years creating literally thousands of promotions for many of the largest and most successful companies in the U.S. and abroad. B-to-B… B-to-C, hard goods, soft goods, information products, services. I’ve hired countless designers and supervised dozens of junior writers. I’ve been through it. As your copywriting mentor, I can help.

As my mentee, you’ll follow no formal syllabus–I don’t want to play school teacher. That means I won’t be giving you assignments. In fact, I’ll work only with those who are currently “in the game,” actively conducting business or seeking employment in the advertising field–or looking to sharpen their skills. That means you should have your own ongoing projects… an open mind… and you’re willing to take a truckload of constructive criticism… and equally as much specific and helpful advice and guidance. I’ll pull no punches and give you the straight talk needed to make the fastest and most effective changes to supercharge your success… no matter what your ultimate goal.

The investment: College grads aren’t known for their wealth. And most business owners operate on shoestring budgets. So for those seeking employment in the field, copywriting mentoring is $125/hour with a 5-hour minimum. For all others: $165/hour with a 10-hour minimum. (As a business owner, your work will be significantly more involved.) You can purchase as many additional hours as you’d like at that same discounted rate, as long as there are still at least 2 unused hours in your account, with my prior approval. These rates are low enough to be affordable, yet still weed out those who aren’t serious.

“Hey, Drew! This is a super way to get you to write my copy! Let’s start with a new brochure I need for my amazing new diet supplement that helps you lose up to 800 pounds in 12-14 minutes…”

Clever thinking! However, if you’re chosen, I won’t write copy for you–that’s not what this is about. It’s about teaching YOU how to write more effective copy for yourself.

I will, however, tell you–very specifically–what corrective actions to take to your own copy… how to improve what you’re doing… and how to make dramatic changes that will have the greatest impact on your response.

Your headline stinks? Concept weak? I’ll tell you so… and why… and suggest how to fix them. Your body copy unconvincing… or a total mess? I’ll guide you to make quick improvements. Everything’s just wrong? I’ll tell you to start over, but only after putting you on a clear path. You’ll go back… make the changes… and present it to me again for my reevaluation. (All this happens conveniently by email. If I need to call you, we’ll talk.) Still need tweaks? I’ll tell you so. Lacking in credibility? I’ll tell you just what to do.

Interested? Email me from my contact page. Tell me who you are… what you do… and why you’d be a great mentee. Send me links of your best work so I can see “where you are,” skill-wise. If you’re really interested–as an option–you might want to also shoot me a video of no longer than 2 minutes so I can see and hear you. In either case, I’ll decide if you’re a good candidate and let you know the next step.

Of course, I can effectively mentor only so many people at one time so, regrettably, not everyone who requests mentorship can be accepted. I’ll pick those who I think I can help the most.

So if you’re serious about advancing your skills and tapping into 30+ years of education and experience, contact me without delay. You’ll slash years off your learning curve and reach your goals faster than you dreamed possible.




Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

• Author of the advertising best-seller:
“CA$HVERTISING”… now in its 3rd printing from Career Press. Translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Thai.

• Author of: “BrainScripts for Sales Success:
21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning Customers” Worldwide release in October 2014 by global-publishing leader McGraw-Hill.


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BrainScripts 3d Cover--300dpi

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Dr. Joe Vitale, author Hypnotic Writing and There’s A Customer Born Every Minute

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Robert Dilts, Founder NLP University

In sales we all want a competitive edge. Drew Eric Whitman gives us valuable insight into our prospects’ minds. Can you imagine the power in your sales presentation when you understand your prospects better than they know themselves?”
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Sales Presentation Skills Expert
Past President of the National Speakers Association

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Thomas A. Freese, author of Secrets of Question Based Selling

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MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane

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René Gnam, author of René Gnam’s Direct Mail Workshop

“Drew Eric Whitman’s BrainScripts takes sales psychology to a new level. His practical and easy-to-use tips will also take you to the next level.”
Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.
America’s Sales Psychologist

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Dr. Tony Alessandra, author The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery