STUDY: Copy is King and Graphics Crank-Up Readership

Dear Friend:

I’ve said for decades that COPY IS KING.

It’s true.

And well-selected GRAPHICS can help you drive even more eyeballs to that copy.

According to an in-depth study of 2,000 consumers in a variety of markets, ads consisting of 50% visuals (photos, illustrations, and graphics) were seen and recalled in post-exposure tests 30% more often than ads featuring no visuals.

Relevant graphics are best.

Sell computers? SHOW computers.

Sell web design? SHOW web sites.

Advertisers showing unrelated images in attempt to capitalize on their self-proclaimed “cute factor” are fruitless and costly.

Keep photos of your children in your wallet and on your desk, not in your ads–unless there is a clear and relevant connection.




Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

Author of:
–  Cashvertising (Career Press)
Brain Scripts for Sales Success (McGraw-Hill)

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