How SPECIFICITY Cranks-Up Ad Response

The perfect example of ridiculous non specificity that influences nobody

IT’S SO SAD! (But True!): The majority of business owners — if asked point-blank– cannot verbalize why prospects should buy from them versus their competitors.

“Oh, because we’re the best.” (Argh! This is too vague!)

“Uh… we give great service.” (Another non-quantifiable generalization.)

“We love our customers and they know it.” (Nice, but come on! That means nothing to your prospects.)

“Er, I don’t know… why don’t you try us and find out for yourself?!” (An actual answer I received on a survey.)

Fact is, if you can’t distinguish yourself verbally when a PROSPECT (with cash-in-hand) is ready to buy, chances are you’re not distinguishing yourself in your advertising materials either.

What makes you different? I mean SPECIFICALLY! Why should your prospects give you their money rather than your closest competitor?

Give me numbers… facts… stats… claims… PROMISES!

Do you deliver faster? SPECIFY! “Delivery in 20 minutes or it’s free.”

Use fresher ingredients? SPECIFY! “We bake our own fresh breads for your sandwiches six times a day… we NEVER use frozen bread like some other guys.”

Leave their home cleaner after repairs? SPECIFY! “We ALWAYS wear shoe covers… dust… vacuum thoroughly… and leave your home absolutely SPOTLESS!”

What are YOU being GENERIC about in YOUR claims? Get extremely specific and experience the difference in your response.


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