What Would It Mean to Members of Your Organization
if They Could Double... Triple... Quadruple
Their Advertising Response?

Invite me to speak at your event , and I'll deliver my
fast-paced, nationally acclaimed training and teach them:

So Your Participants Can...

Boost their ad response...
Attract more customers...
Increase their profits...
Grow their businesses...
And have your organization to thank for it!
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  This Training Can Be 100% FREE to Your Treasury
Choose from 2 hosting options, including one that doesn't have to cost your treasury a penny.

This Event Gets 5-Star Reviews from Sponsors Nationwide
Meeting planners love how easy it is to host this training. They especially love the great, positive feedback they get from their participants:

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course Gets
Rave Reviews from Participants Nationwide

...because it's fast-paced and fascinating. They especially love the massive amount of practical
information they learn:

"All of it was incredibly helpful & insightful.
Amazingly, you covered it all."

Debra Hesse, Colorado Easter Seal
"Interesting, stimulating speaker. Much valuable information given.
I started playing with ad copy almost immediately & had fun with it."

Donna Armistead, Superior School of Dance
"Very entertaining. I liked the fast pace & enthusiasm of the speaker.
My mind never wandered' stayed right with him."

Melanie B. Ingram, First National Bank of Ferrum
"Lots of information in a short amount
of time."

T. Wayne Cundiff, Cundiff Lumber, Inc.

"Direct... to the point... holds your attention."

Charles D. Easter, Martin Jewelry

"Great presentation! Love the energy!"

Mary Etta Clemons, Wythe-Grayson Library

"Interesting start to stop."

David B. Imhof, Imhof Supply, Inc.
"My mind did not wander as it
usually does during seminars!"

Jan Lubinski Best Western Kings Inn
"Specific information. Novel approach.
Lots of information."

Nancy Monday-Yates, The Unicorn


A Full-Page Ad is Twice As Good as a Half-Page Ad

ANSWER: FALSE! "Bigger is better" does not necessarily apply to advertising. Studies show that there is not a one-to-one relationship between ad size and response. Findings show that a 1/4-page ad is not noted only 25% as often, as might be expected, but 60% as often. A half-page ad is noted not 50% as frequently, but 70%. Advertisers will benefit from running, for example, a 1/4-page ad four times a month rather than a full-page ad only once a month. Bottom-line? Frequency is more important than size.

In 120 Fast-Paced Minutes, I Teach Your Audience:

How to Use the Amazing Power of "Response Psychology"
The Psychology of Ad Shape: Which layouts get the highest readership?
How to save up to $600 for every $1,000 you spend on ads.
(This idea alone is worth the price of this program).
How to use Ad-Q-Puncture™ to shock prospects into reading.
How to shake them up & wake them up.

How to Stand Out in Your Market and Leave Your Competition Scratching their Heads
The Psychology of Pricing: Tests reveal that certain numbers are perceived as significantly lower. Do you know what they are?
Proven Tactics of the World's Most Expensive Advertising copywriters and designers
Why people really buy your product or service. (It's NOT what you think!)
How to write irresistible headlines that command people's attention and influence them to read the rest of your ad
How the devilishly effective "Pyramid Principle" lures people into your ads and keeps them reading
How to make more money by NOT being clever
What a good ad should "feel" like
22 tested headline words that stop people dead in their tracks

10 sure-fire ways for moving readers' eyes from your headline to your first paragraph
How to Electrify Your Ads for Sizzling Results
Turn ordinary words into money-magnet copy that motivates, influences, persuades!
Put your copy here and boost readership by up to 200%.
10 sure-fire ways to start writing your ads. (As close to automatic as you can get!)
How to power-up your copy with image-stimulating visual adjectives
How emotional words can melt sales resistance like a red-hot knife through butter

The Psychology of Typefaces. Which are disastrous? Which increase reading speed? Which should you use on paper... and which online?

AND MUCH MORE. In fact, this CA$HVERTISING Crash Course event consists of SOLID training. No boring stories. No useless chatter. Just one practical idea after another. Real-world information that your members can start using the minute they get back to their stores and offices.

Listen: This is not your average business-training event. It's a fast-paced, "educational roller coaster ride" that delivers more heavy-duty "How-To" content than most other business seminars in the country today.

Best of all, it's totally turn-key and has received excellent reviews from sponsors across the United States, who say...

"It's Not Just Informative... It's Also Entertaining"

That's because I don't stand still for more than a moment. I whisper, shout, talk to myself, throw up my arms and get very dramatic. All to create an educational experience that impacts and resonates throughout the audience much longer than the typical, dull business seminar.


It's better to show a product's package than to show it being used because it's simpler and less complicated.

ANSWER: FALSE! Showing your product being used lends the feeling of "action" to an otherwise motionless ad. Your job is install a "mental movie" in your prospects' heads. You want them to imagine using your product or service. Showing a boring box does NOT do this.

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course gets rave reviews across the U.S. from business people in all industries.
It teaches your audience how to DOUBLE... TRIPLE... QUADRUPLE their advertising results without spending a penny more.

More Reviews from Sponsors


Is Easy to Promote, Easy to Run, and
Business Owners Nationwide Love It!

Best of all, it's 100% turn-key. You (or your assistant) simply follow these 5 easy steps:

  Book a room...
  Announce the event...
  Photocopy the provided handout...
  Receive registration fees (if your members pay their own way), and...
  Assist people signing in at the door...

I do the rest. What could be easier?

How Much Does it Cost?

Choose from 2 simple hosting options:

Your Audience Also Learns:

"Slight of Eye''... Tested graphic design principles that hold prospects "optically spellbound"
What to tell newspapers to never/always do to your ads. (You can save thousands on this one alone.)
The human eye dwells 160% longer on 1 part of your ad... do you know where?
This evil design sin reduces your readership by up to 25%... do you do it?
This simple ad shape gets seen 2, 3, 4 times as often. What is it?
Widely use typeface LOWERS comprehension up to 67%... are you using it?
The"Advertising Guillotine"... a startlingly easy attention grabber that always works
Little-Known Graphic Design Tricks that Automatically Boost Readership & Help Drive-Up Response
The Psychology of Color: Which colors are liked best? Which are hardest to read?
The Psychology of Logic and Emotions... and how to use both to your advantage

AND MUCH MORE. In fact, this one program contains more information than most full-day seminars. Your audience will leave this training fully equipped to begin making meaningful changes to their advertising... and reaping the rewards.

Here's How It Works...

You're busy. I understand that. That's why I've made this event easy to host. In fact, everything runs like clockwork on this tried and true 12-week schedule:

I send you my Speaking Agreement for your approval.

You Receive my TURN-KEY PACK which Includes:

Powerful Cover Letter—Ready for your letterhead. Included with your brochures for maximum response

Customized Press Releases—Approved by you & then sent by me to your local newspapers and radio stations for Free Publicity

Camera-Ready Flyer—For easy reproduction in your organization's newsletter

Hand-Out Pak Master—Ready to photocopy. Overflowing with ready-to-use information.

Customized Speaker Introduction & Closing—written for your organization.

Copy of Speaking Agreement—For your files

I fax your approved press release to your list of local media for free publicity.

I call you to check on registrations and offer to assist you in any way I can.
(I'm with you every step of the way.)

Last minute check-in. I call you one last time before I hop aboard the jet to your city.

I arrive in your city 1 day before the seminar date. If I arrive during business hours, I'll call you to let you know I've arrived. (Most folks really appreciate this!) Next, I check out the seminar room and prearrange the furniture. After that, I'm ready for a big meal and a big sleep in preparation for our big day. (I'll probably ask you to suggest the name of a good local Italian restaurant. Carb-loading does wonders for me the day before the presentation!)


I begin setting up 2-1/2 hours prior to the seminar starting time. (For morning seminars, I'm up before the roosters!) I finalize the room arrangement... set up my audio & video equipment and props.

Next, I distribute Rating Sheets for immediate post-seminar feedback. I greet your participants as they arrive... shake hands... make everyone comfortable and happy... and then deliver one of the best darned advertising seminars they've ever experienced!

I clean up... return to my hotel room... freshen up... tour the city... patronize the shops... and celebrate a great presentation by finding a really good Mexican restaurant and eating enchiladas.

1) I send you a compilation of the feedback your audience gave on the feedback sheets.
2) You send me a letter telling me your thoughts about the presentation.


Captions under photographs are the least-read copy in any ad.

ANSWER: FALSE! Captions -- even tiny ones -- are read up to 2x as often as body copy. People will often read the captions first, before reading a word of your ad's body copy. ALWAYS put captions under your photos. TIP: Since readership is so high, it's smart to put SELLING, rather than descriptive, captions under your photos.

This is NOT Your Average (Y-A-W-N!) Business Training

There's no sleeping in this presentation!
It's fast-paced. High energy. Interactive. Including over 130 color graphics ... audience participation... experiments in consumer psychology"... lots of real-life examples... packed with practical, nuts & bolts techniques your group can start using immediately.

Excellent Reasons to Host

Effective Advertising Is Vital to Business Success

LET'S FACE IT: No matter how great your product or service, if you can't communicate it effectively, you'll soon be out of business. The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course teaches your audience more about how to create powerful ads, brochures, flyers, sales letters, e-mails and web sites than most of their competitors will know in their entire careers. GUARANTEED.

Business People Desperately Need More Education On This Important Subject

No matter how many seminars you offer on things such as taxes, leadership, social media, OSHA regulations, etc., if you don't teach group how to build their business, all the other seminars mean very little. Fact is, most business people are disgusted with their advertising results, but they don't know what to do about it! This program tells them EXACTLY what to do... in a fun and entertaining way they'll never forget.

Helps Your Participants Make & Save Money

IT'S A FACT: Most ads fail because advertisers continually break the rules of effective advertising. Without knowing the causes of an ad's poor results, your people will likely repeat the same mistakes over and over... throwing away good money after bad. Knowing ONCE AND FOR ALL what DOES and does NOT work BEFORE they place their ads can mean a significant boost in their results and bottom line.

It's Directly Related to Increasing Your Group's Bottom Line

This event is entertaining, but the main thrust is to help your trainees grow their businesses.

It's a Big Time Saver for Business People

Most business people don't have the time to read dozens of books on the subject. This training is like the "Cliff's Notes" of advertising. It's designed especially for business people who want to learn the most important lessons in the shortest time possible.

It's a Super-High-Content Presentation

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course is extremely heavy in practical content, which means high value for participants. This reflects favorably on the sponsors that host and sponsor it.

It Has Very Broad Appeal & Demand

This training has received extremely positive reviews by participants in a wide variety of industries, including:

  Publishing   Funeral Homes
  Leasing Services   Jewelers
  Moving & Storage   Lumber Supply
  Charities   Carpet Supply
  Hospitals   Travel Agents
  Libraries   Fabric supply
  Card & Gift Shops   Bridal Shops
  Advertising Agencies   Restaurants
  Hotels & Motels   Veterinary Clinics
  Public Utilities   Independent Consultants
  Independent Sales People   Home-Based-Businesses
  Automobile Dealers   Entrepreneurs
  Computer Industry   Real Estate agencies
  Banks   AND MANY MORE...
  Temporary Help Services      

Why Not Just Use a Local Business Person
for Advertising Training?

It's More than Just Knowledge

As a professional trainer, Drew brings more than just information to the platform. He also brings your group a dynamic style and professional presentation skills that make the training not only informative, but entertaining and enjoyable as well. CA$HVERTISING is unlike any other training you have ever experienced. It cannot be compared to an off-the-cuff presentation by a non-professional presenter.

In fact, according to Association Management Magazine...

Out-of-Town Author & Expert = A Special Event

An out-of-town expert lends an air of excitement to a presentation. The result is often greater enthusiasm and participation among attendees, essential elements for a successful training.

Tested & Proven in Front of Live Audiences

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course is the result of years of research and development. It has been tested nationwide in front of live audiences and is continually being revised, updated and improved. It's a performance as much as a training.

11. This Topic is Extremely Popular Among Small to Mid-Sized Business People

Most small & mid-sized businesses do not use the services of ad agencies or similar professionals, but prepare their advertising (or direct the preparation of it) by themselves. They appreciate the opportunity to learn how to make their advertising more effective.

12.  No Crazy "Take-It-Or-Leave-It" Training Fees... and a Free-to-Your-Treasury Option

Many trainers demand a flat fee which says, in effect, "Take it or leave it." If the host cannot afford the fee, many people miss the benefits of the training. Drew's philosophy is different: He's bringing The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course to as many people as possible and he's flexible with his hosting options. After all, what good is it for him to state a fee that's entirely out of your reach? The only reasonable way is to give you a choice of hosting options: a flat fee paid by your organization —OR— a low ticket price paid by each attendee. This per-attendee option means the program can cost your organization nothing. To determine the number of attendees you'd need for a no-cost-to-your-group training, simply answer the questions on the contact form.

13.  Length of Training Is Right

Choose a program length that's convenient for your participants. Choose 90, 120 or 180 minutes..long enough for a thorough learning experience... and short enough so people can get back to business quickly.


When selling a product for men, it's best to show men, not women.

ANSWER: TRUE! Seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? Fact is, men would rather see men in ads for men's products, and women, women. Psychologists say it's because it helps us imagine ourselves using the product and allows us to become that person momentarily. A woman reading an ad for a fitness center, for example, sees a photo of a lean, attractive woman working out. She identifies with this woman, and becomes lean and attractive herself. Interesting, isn't it?

14.  Drew Provides Equipment & Materials FREE

This includes: Sign-In Sheets... Hand Out Pack Master Copy... Professional Visual Presentation... "Props" that keep your audience engaged... Post-Seminar Rating Sheets (So you know how your audience liked the training)... and more.

15.  You Receive FREE Promotional Materials

Including master copies of flyers, letters, even ads and postcards... all to help attract maximum participation.

More Reviews from Seminar Attendees

16. Participants Give Excellent Feedback

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course earns consistently high ratings from participants. When asked, "What did you like best about the presentation," they replied...

"Drew's enthusiasm, knowledge & style.
I gained a tremendous amount of
knowledge. Very useful... very powerful!"

Janell M. Bauer, The Resource Center, Inc.
"The delivery of the seminar.
Very interesting and effective."

Vicki Sheley, The Daily Sentinel

"Everything said was a good idea."

Andy Raggio, Park Western Leasing
"The enthusiasm!"
Kathy Sanders, Mesa Moving & Storage
"Drew's enthusiasm and presentation
of ideas and facts."

Kay Albright, Illusions of The Heart

"The dynamics & stagey presentation."

Jo Ann Moon, Crescent Communications
"Sheer volume of immediately usable information."
Gina McCullough, Butler Memorial Hospital
"Fast-paced -- applicable to what I do."
Kay Weddle, The Framer's Daughter
"Right to the point."
Chet Grochoski, Calumet Machine
"Well presented. Most informative."
Linda Burger, Collins-McKee Funeral Services
"Excellent speaker, not boring."
Deborah Sizer, WBOB Radio
"High-Powered Instructor."
Hal Rudnianin
"Lively presentation. Good use of A.V. elements. Obviously knowledgeable."
Jerry D. Johnson, North Pittsburgh
Telephone Co.

"Advertising is simple if you know
what I learned today."

Karla Korpela, Evert's Motor Sales Inc.
"Thousands of dollars worth of moneymaking ideas. Grossly under priced."
Frank Yensel, Mesarvey Russell & Co

Sponsors Give Excellent Ratings

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course earns consistently high ratings from sponsors. Here's what they're saying in their own words...

Trainer Is Backed By Excellent Credentials

Nearly 30 years of big-agency and in-house corporate agency experience. As a speaker, author and consultant, Drew is a internationally recognized name in the advertising industry and his work has been used by many of the largest and most successful companies in the nation.

Drew Sends Custom Press Releases to Your Local Media

He customizes press releases and... after you approve them... sends them to local newspapers and radio stations free of charge. This helps you attract more participants... and if you're a member organization.

This Training Is 100% Turn-Key

Relax! There's really very little for you to do besides book the room, receive registrations and assist attendees signing in. Drew handle all other details, including setting up the room, audio-visuals, distribution of rating sheets, and more.

Drew Has a Strict "No Soliciting" Policy

Drew does not solicit your attendees for advertising services of any kind. If they ask, he's happy to help, however he comes to train, not sell.

CA$HVERTISING Is Interactive and Engaging

Drew interacts with your participants throughout the workshop... calls them by name... involves them in "experiments in consumer psychology." It's a blast... and they love it!

Unlike Ordinary Seminars, CA$HVERTISING Is Fun and Entertaining

Drew's style is dynamic, upbeat, humorous and dramatic. Your attendees will be talking about the training long after it's over. Others, who couldn't attend, will be asking when you can repeat it. (It's happened many times before.)

This Training Event Is 100% Practical

The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course focuses on usable ideas, not dumb jokes and boring stories. Your members will be equipped to put the information they learned into action the very next day. When the program is over, they will feel they've gotten more than their money's worth. They will be thankful to your organization for bringing them practical, worthwhile training.

Drew Does Not Sell Products During the Workshop

Unlike some other trainers, Drew uses his time for training only. Participants interested in Drew's products may purchase C.O.D. by checking a box on the back of the rating sheets. No hard-sell tactics are ever used and no money for products is ever collected or requested at the training.

100% Money-Back Guarantee for Every Paying Attendee

If a participant is not 100% satisfied for any reason, Drew will personally refund the ticket price he or she paid for the seminar, via US Mail, if requested of him by the participant, within 7 days after the workshop, no questions asked. This guarantee appears in the workshop brochures. Drew stakes his international reputation on it.



Paying extra for color is a waste of money because it doesn't affect readership.

ANSWER: FALSE! The Journal of the Society of Newspaper Design conducted a study that asked readers to react to 3 page treatments: 1) FULL-COLOR 2) PAGES WITH SPOT COLOR, and 3) BLACK AND WHITE. Here's what they found: A) Readers said the full-color page and the pages with spot color were more interesting and pleasant to read. B) Pages with color were more powerful, bolder, and more exciting. C) The full-color page was the most modern and easiest to read D) The page with a spot of blue was reported as easier to read than the page with a spot of red. E) Readers said the black and white page was the most difficult to read and more weak, timid, and dull by contrast to the color pages. According to Starch Research, the use of color increases depth of readership by 60% over black and white-only ads... and 40% over two-color only ads. So splash on the color and reap the rewards!

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    Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
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    P.S. Because The CA$HVERTISING Crash Course teaches the "how-to" techniques of advertising, it's equally valuable to everyone in your audience. From retail sellers and service providers... to distributors, wholesalers, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses of all kinds. If they advertise, they WILL benefit.

    Questions? Contact me today and let's see how my fast, fun, and very practical training can help YOUR audience.