QUICK CASE STUDY: Telephone Survey Demonstrates Powerful Sales Skills Vacuum

Dear Friend:

To run a successful pizza shop (or ANY business for that matter), you need to know more than a good dough and sauce recipe.

You also need to know how to STAND OUT from the competition.

Or, AT LEAST, you should know what elements COULD be used to help you stand out.

In a survey of randomly called pizzerias in southeastern Pennsylvania, none of those charged with answering the phone could capably field the single question that every employee should be trained to tackle blindfolded: “What makes your pizza better than the others in the area?”

In every case, employees—-and managers and owners alike—-were equally dumbfounded. Silence. Then feeble replies such as, “We’re just better”“You have to try it for yourself”“Fresh ingredients”... and one, bristling from the challenge, “You tell me, I don’t know!”

This study is both shocking and not.

It reveals that these merchants, some of them many years in the business, have no clue as to their USP: Unique Selling Proposition. Unable to express on the telephone what makes them unique, they are therefore equally unaware how to express this difference in their print advertising… the #1 medium for their ad dollars.

The result? They sell ALL PIZZA IN GENERAL, and not specifically THEIR PIZZA.

A tragic waste of ad revenue.

And at seminars I deliver at Chambers of Commerce across the U.S., I try to impress this lesson in my audiences. But this lesson doesn’t just apply to chamber members. It applies to ANY business… ANY product… ANY service… online or off.

What makes you better… different… worth checking out and possibly buying?

THE SADDEST PART? If you really are better, different, worth checking out and possibly buying… but you’re not saying it. The lost sales would be enormous. (But your competition would LOVE you!)

Consider your own advertising right now.

Are YOU committing this tragic error?

It’s a simple fix.

Fix it today.

Or contact me and I’ll help you.

Success! <HANDSHAKE>

Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™
Author of:
– Cashvertising (Career Press)

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