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Drew Eric Whitman,D.R.S.

... is the author of the business best sellers, “Cashvertising” (Career Press) and “Brain Scripts for Sales Success” (McGraw-Hill), translated into nine languages worldwide. Drew has created powerfully effective advertising for companies ranging from small retail shops to giant multi-million dollar corporations. 

"Direct... to the point... holds your attention."
Charles D. Easter, Martin Jewelry

"High-powered instructor!"
Hal Rudnianin

"Interesting start to stop."
David B. Imhof, Imhof Supply, Inc.

"Very entertaining. I liked the fast pace & enthusiasm. My mind never wandered' stayed right with him."
Melanie B. Ingram

First National Bank of Ferrum

"Lots of information in
a short amount of time."

T. Wayne Cundiff, Cundiff Lumber, Inc.

Enthusiasm, knowledge & style.
I gained a tremendous amount of
knowledge. Very useful... very powerful!"

Janell M. Bauer, The Resource Center

Here's what you'll learn in this hard-hitting broadcast...

  • 1
    LEARN HOW TODAY'S BUYERS think and how to insert a persistent message that sticks like super glue... no matter how many clicks away they stray from your page.
  • 2
    DISCOVER A SNEAKY WAY to chip away at your competition's sales copy and destroy the effectiveness of their claims without even lifting a finger. Warning: Your toughest competitors will hate, Hate, HATE you for this!
  • 3
    LEARN HOW TO use "Extreme Specificity" when writing product benefits that not only sell your goods, but crush your competitors' claims before prospects even see them. (Fiendishly effective, but perfectly legal.) 
  • 4
    Plus... GET A COUPON CODE worth $100 off a personal advertising consultation with Drew Eric Whitman. Show him your ads, emails, web pages and he'll tell you how to correct response-killing mistakes and make simple changes for massive improvement!

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