“Philly Author” to Teach 2,000+ Europeans How to Grow Their Business & Profits

Philadelphia, PA–Philadelphia-native Drew Eric Whitman doesn’t let “little” things like the Atlantic Ocean and 4,000+ miles stop him from spreading his tough-talking message of business success.

Author of Cashvertising (CareerPress) and Brain Scripts for Sales Success (McGraw-Hill), Whitman has been invited back to deliver a keynote address to more than 2,000 international business owners this summer at the Affiliate World Europe Conference in Berlin, Germany.

The bi-annual event–dedicated to the a $4.5 billion online affiliate marketing industry–attracts global participation, drawing attendees from the U.S., France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, Israel, and others. As the event’s spotlight speaker, Whitman’s 30-minute keynote entitled BrainBlocks! will teach participants how to avoid 13 “deadly” advertising errors that sabotage business success and how consumer psychology persuades people to buy.

Whitman’s “Philly-tough” teaching style combines direct and dramatic speaking, audience interaction, stunning visuals and heavy content, and receives high praise from business audiences and readers worldwide.

According to Whitman, not one-in-100 business people knows what it takes to create ads that motivate people to buy. “For example,” he explained, “few know that up to 83% of people read only headlines and no more… that captions under photos get 200% greater readership than non-headline copy… ads with sale prices draw 20% more attention… four-color ads are up to 45% more effective than black-and-white ads, and scores of other little-known facts and principles.”

“Armed with dozens of these facts and strategies,” Whitman said, “business owners in any industry can transform weak advertising into a consistent stream of new sales.”

“Nobody has ever explained advertising to these folks this way,” he said. “Growing up in Philly taught me that if you conduct yourself with strength and passion, people take notice. Team it with quality educational material, and you can make a positive difference in people’s business and personal lives.”

A Temple graduate, Whitman began writing ads at age 11 selling jokes and gags to his fifth grade classmates. After more than 30 years of study and creating advertising for everything from small retail shops to Fortune 500 companies, he now shares his experiences by authoring books and conducting training sessions with a tough-talking Philly edge that’s garnered him international recognition as one of today’s leading authorities on advertising effectiveness.

“In business, you either stand out… or you die,” he said.

Therefore Whitman eschews the ubiquitous business suit and commands the stage in a white lab coat and tie, in keeping with his trademarked “Direct Response Surgeon” theme, a metaphor for what he describes as his “emergency-room attitude” toward teaching business owners how to stop wasting money on ineffective advertising.

Whether he’s teaching chamber of commerce members in his own hometown or business owners overseas, Whitman’s powerful “Philly-powered” message of increased profits requires zero translation.


For more than 30 years, advertising consultant and trainer Drew Eric Whitman—a.k.a. Dr. Direct!™—has been teaching business owners worldwide how to increase their sales by incorporating little-known advertising agency techniques and psychology. His work has been used by companies ranging from small retail shops to Fortune 500 companies, including: Day-Timers, Advertising Specialty Institute, American Legion, Texaco, and Combined Life Insurance Company of America. He is the author of Cashvertising (Career Press) and Brain Scripts for Sales Success (McGraw-Hill). Visit Drew online at: www.DrewEricWhitman.com. Email: Drew@DrewEricWhitman.com

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