Learn Affiliate Marketing: 3 Free Videos by Industry Genius “Zeno”

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Have you ever wanted to learn to create a steady flow of income as an affiliate marketer? (Some people are making a fortune every month.)

Or, perhaps you already have your own business and you’d like to learn how to “crack the code” of using paid traffic sources, like AdWords, FaceBook and others?

Then you need to meet Dr. David Savory, (aka “Zeno”)… and watch his 3 free videos.

David is a razor-sharp, 29 year old New Zealander who went from being a PhD scientist to a performance marketer.

He is internationally known for affiliate marketing strategy and execution. He’s also one of the brainiacs behind the STM Forum, the #1 rated forum in the affiliate industry.

David just released a free, informative 3-video mini-class on affiliate marketing and paid traffic.

FREE VIDEO #1 teaches you, “The 4 Simple Stages to Mastering Paid Traffic”

⇒ FREE VIDEO #2 teaches you, “How to Pick the Right Affiliate Offer to Promote Profitably”

⇒ FREE VIDEO #3 teaches you, “How to Scale Your Affiliate Campaigns for Massive Growth”

This is your chance to learn how to conquer paid traffic from one of the top affiliates in the entire affiliate marketing industry.

As a participant, I contributed to a follow-up course that’s produced by Zeno and the geniuses at iStack–the team that produces the incredible Affiliate World Conferences where I’ll be presenting another keynote talk in Berlin this summer. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you can’t go wrong with what this organization offers.

Click here to watch video 1 and let me know what you think.



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