Drew Announces New 30-Minute Cashvertising Checkups!


Hi Guys!

Quick post to let you know that I’m launching my new 30-minute Cashvertising Checkup! advertising review service for a limited time.

Check it out:  https://drewericwhitman.biz/checkup-offer

I’ve received many inquiries from independent business owners and entrepreneurs who’d like my advice, but either don’t have the $1,000 minimum investment or simply don’t need that minimum level of service at the time.

Many just want me to eyeball their promotion and see if it has the necessary ingredients for success before they spend any more time or money.

This new service will allow me to spend enough time to give their ads a good review without trying to just quickly “juggle them in” between my regular clients’ projects.


And if I can be of service to YOU, please take advantage of the offer. I’d be honored to assist you!

Sincerely (HANDSHAKE)



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