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Now it's easy. Because Internationally Renowned Direct-Response Advertising Expert Drew Eric Whitman Is Now Accepting a Limited Number of Serious Students for Intense 30-Day Mentorships that "Rewire Your Brain" for Greater Advertising Success.
Author of the Internationally Acclaimed Ad-Psychology Book, CA$HVERTISING

Author of the Internationally Acclaimed Ad-Psychology Book, CA$HVERTISING

Personally Invites You to Apply for His Exclusive, Members-Only:

Where You Have Fast & Direct HOTLINE ACCESS to Drew via Chat, Email & Skype... Whenever You Need New Ideas, Copy Suggestions & Expert Help.

FINALLY! A Private & Personal "Pay-As-You-Go" Copywriting Mentorship That Helps You Transform Crummy Ads into Strong Eyeball-Grabbers & Order Pullers So You Can...

Stop The Flush!

Drew Shows You the Hidden Response-Killing Violations in Your Copy & How to Fix Them Fast

Quit flushing money down the toilet running ads that are doomed to fail!


Let a leading direct-response advertising authority review your work before you waste another penny on weak ads that do nothing but disappoint.

Drew tells you what to do to boost the order-pulling power of your ads... no matter what you're selling.


Drew Reveals Dozens of Hidden Violations that
Kill Your Response...

... and turn Weakling Web Pages Into
Muscle-Bound Moneymakers

He Didn't See the Copy Violations Crushing His Response!

This poor advertiser (a really great guy) didn't see the slew of violations right under his nose! Before you publish your new web page or site, send Drew the link for his honest (and no-punches-pulled) assessment that could save you frustration and months of trial and error. You'll kick yourself for the typically long list of advertising "violations" that "jump off the page" to him that are likely invisible to you... but greatly affect your prospects' desire to buy... or NOT!

I Immediately Spotted Dozens of Problems with this Guy's Copy

How many copywriting defects are turning off readers in your ads? You'll be surprised. In just minutes I'll show you what's stopping the flow of response that you could be getting if you just make simple corrections that usually only take minutes. Stop expecting "damaged copy" to perform well. Damaged copy gives you "damaged response" because it breaks the chain of persuasion that's necessary to hold consumers' attention and drive them to act.

Translated into 9 foreign languages worldwide, Cashvertising techniques work. And now the man who wrote the book is standing by ready to help you.

electrify your emails

Drew Helps You Create EMAILS That:
Emails are powerful... if they're done correctly.

Before hitting SEND or saving them to your funnel, let Drew see your copy and tell you how to do it dramatically better. He'll say what to tweak... what to change... how to make your pitch stronger and more convincing.

It's like having your own on-site ad agency whose #1 goal is help you make more money.



Fact is, sometimes you just don't know WHAT the *%^$# to do!

Drew understands! So stop tearing your hair out... or just guessing! Ask Drew and get fast, no-BS answers that quickly put you on the right track.
REMEMBER: Amateur-copywriting choices usually bring you amateur-copywriting results. Put an expert on your side for just a few dollars a day.

who is drew eric whitman?


Most people determine their career path in high school or college, but Drew Eric Whitman — a.k.a. “Dr. Direct!”— couldn’t wait to get started. He began creating advertising at age 11 by writing and designing direct-response catalogs of jokes, gags and novelties. Complete with product illustrations, order forms and postage charts, he distributed them to his 5th grade classmates by the armful and collected cash orders in equal abundance. Although his teachers did not encourage Drew’s entrepreneurial spirit (They would have preferred that he had done his homework rather than sold whoopee cushions.), it marked the beginning of an exciting career in the wacky and wonderful world of creative writing and advertising.

Many years later… after extensive experience in face-to-face selling of everything from printing to clothing, jewelry to real estate… a degree in Advertising from Temple University started the ball rolling. Today, Drew is an outspoken, humorous and philosophical advertising trainer and writer.

Drew created powerfully effective advertising for companies ranging from small retail shops to giant multi-million dollar corporations. His work has been used by many of the largest and most successful companies and organizations in the United States including: American Automobile Association, Advertising Specialty Institute, American Legion, Amoco, Faber-Castell, Texaco, Day-Timers and many others. In addition, he worked for the direct-response division of Weightman Advertising, the largest ad-agency in Philadelphia. He was also Senior Direct-Response Copywriter for Union Fidelity Life Insurance Corporation, one of the largest direct-to-the-consumer insurance companies in the world. As Associate Copy Chief for catalog-giant Day-Timers, his work was read by millions of customers and prospects worldwide.

Drew is the author of the business best seller, “Cashvertising” (Career Press) and “Brain Scripts for Sales Success” (McGraw-Hill), translated into nine foreign languages worldwide.

Your Monthly Membership Includes...

1. Intense Personal Fast-Start Call Fires Up the Engines & Kicks Things off Fast!

BOOM! You’re off and running.

Because the fastest and easiest way for Drew to understand your business and goals is to talk to you directly. And that’s just what you’ll do. At a mutually convenient time, Drew will call and ask a few simple questions, like: Who’s your What’s your biggest challenge? Who’s your toughest competitor?” and similar. The call will be brief, but it will help Drew hit the ground running, ready to help take your business to the next level.

2. Fast Answers & Expert Help Directly from Drew Eric Whitman Via Live Chat, Email or Skype... When You Need It Most

As a Private Coaching-Club Member, you’ll instantly put an international advertising authority on your team. It’s the most valuable benefit of membership… and you can schedule your fist consultation right away. (Yes, even 5 minutes after joining.)

Any time during your membership… anytime you need help… simply contact Drew via email, Facebook Messenger live chat, or Skype (chat or voice) for personal, one-on-one attention to your most pressing advertising copy issue. Every month you have a full 100 minutes of coaching available to you to use as you please. As a Copy-Club Member, you get priority attention… sometimes within just minutes.

Discuss concepts, headlines, body copy, product positioning, calls-to-action, ad psychology… you name it! Then get ready to take lots of notes (or record your session if you’d like). You’ll be tapping into nearly 40 years of direct-response industry experience that you’ll use to instantly help boost your success. Could this give you an advantage over your toughest competitors? You better believe it!

Need more in-depth consulting? Simply schedule a Skype voice call. He’ll review your work… answer your questions… and provide helpful and suggest what to do to maximize your response and sales.schedule your

3. Powerful Personal Follow-Through Phone Coaching with Drew Accelerates Your Success

Stay on track… follow-up on items last discussed… and keep moving forward until you reach your goals by scheduling bi-weekly Skype voice calls (or chats) to discuss your progress and help you review the items you discussed last. Easy online scheduling. These quick, but powerful 15-minute talks can give you the giant “kick” you need to make massive progress toward your goals. Drew pulls no punches and speaks in a direct manner that creates maximum impact. It’s a high-value option that’s yours to use whenever you need it!

(But it’s not for the squeamish… or those too sensitive to hear Drew’s “tough talk” designed to help you make the biggest changes in the shortest time possible. And give you a whole new mindset that will change the way you see and create advertising forever.)

4. Special "Reply-Access" to Drew's for Crowd-Sourcing Help & Ideas from Other Smart Marketers ...Plus Priority Detailed Response Directly from Drew

Get a slew of valuable opinions and group feedback in minutes. Filled with tips, tricks and strategies and real-world experience by Drew and other “Cashvertising-minded” direct marketers and students alike. Membership is by invitation only… and Drew personally sends your invite as soon as you join his Cashvertising Private Copy-Coaching Club if you’re not already a regular member.

How did others solve a particular challenge you’re now facing? Why repeat tedious (and expensive) trial and error when solutions could just be one question away?

Take a quick poll… express your opinions… share your own expertise… get a new perspective from those who share the “Cashvertising mindset” who’ve already done it! Just one good idea can save you months of needless expense and experimentation. And, of course, Drew checks in regularly so it’s yet another way to get his valuable help and expertise.

The best part? In Drew’s Cashvertising Mastermind group on Facebook, he interacts often, but it’s not possible to give in-depth personal assistance due to the number of members in this quickly-growing group. But as a member of Drew’s Copy-Coaching Club, however, you get priority attention and special “Reply-Access”… detailed assistance from Drew via PRIVATE CHAT with your personal advertising needs. It’s like a special key to a “secret room” created just for you.

5. Members-Only, Deeply Reduced Rates for Drew's Copywriting & Consulting Services... Plus Priority Scheduling

Need more consulting time? Want Drew to edit or completely rewrite your sales materials for you? No problem. Your membership in the Cashvertising Copy-Coaching Club gives you a generous 25% discount on Drew’s current hourly rates… waives the 10-hour minimum… and locks in the then-current price for as long as you’re a continuous member. It’s another big benefit that can quickly repay the price of your monthly membership. Plus, you also enjoy priority scheduling so your job gets done fast.

Live chat. Fast email replies. Skype voice calls. Monthly coaching. Discounted expert assistance and creative services. An expert always ready to help you. Ideal when you need to make fast decisions and get promotions going without delay. It’s truly a luxury-level of advertising consulting services… all at your request.

How much are you spending on things that make ZERO difference to your SUCCESS?

For less than the daily price of a daily movie and small popcorn, you'll have an internationally recognized advertising expert personally available to you by Skype, text & email to answer your questions... review your ads, emails, websites... and give powerful feedback on your strategy. Result? A seriously positive impact on the money in your pocket.*

(*And on the number of movies & popcorn you could be enjoying.)

One Simple Membership.

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Charter Members: $425/Month

(Less than a daily movie & small popcorn)
NOTE: Limited Remaining Memberships Available
Join now for low Charter Member rate that won't go up as long as you stay a continuous member.
Ridiculously affordable for this level of expertise & service.
Includes 100 monthly minutes of expert personal consulting with Drew whenever you need it.
I have read & agree to the Terms of Service

A small monthly investment in personal coaching pays for itself in increased sales

Drew "stands by your side," ready to help you create the most powerful advertising you've ever imagined possible for your product or service.

Drew helps you make both small and major changes to your current promotions that helps turn lookers into clickers... and clickers into buyers.

Drew uses his nearly 40 years of experience working for many of the largest and most successful companies, saving you months and years of frustrating trial and error.

From the Keyboard of:
Author of Ca$hvertising

Dear Friend:

No… you don’t need to give up your movie and popcorn.

But if you want to supercharge your business and pump up your bank account…

… and you want to do it FAST

… then I’m ready to help you

… (in a way I’ve never offered before).

After 37+ years in the business, I’ve decided to offer a private and personal, members-only copywriting coaching hotline service. A subscription mentorship, if you will.

No, not a writing service… but an affordable, easy-to-use, 100% personal copy consultation service that puts a veteran direct-response pro by your side when you need it most… right before you’re ready to spend money placing ads.

It’s my new…

For less than the price of a daily movie and popcorn, you’ll have a veteran direct-response advertising expert by your side every month, ready to answer your most important questions… suggesting critical changes… pointing out response-killing errors… and alerting you to ad-psychology violations that could save you a fortune in expensive (and frustrating as hell) trial and error.

Ready to run a Facebook or Google ad?

How's your headline? Body copy? Does it contain enough persuasive punch to get people to respond? Shoot it to me for a quick review.

Creating a new website? Updating your current one?

​Before publishing it, email me the link for an honest and no-punches-pulled assessment.

Creating an email funnel?

Before putting it online, let me eyeball it to make sure it contains the elements needed to succeed.

Writing a sales letter?

Long copy is my specialty and it can work like gangbusters, but you need to not only grab their attention at the start, but also keep the reading momentum going the whole way through. I'll check your copy and tell you where it stalls... and how to fix it fast.
After my review, I'll email, chat or call you with my initial impressions... my professional observations... the things that made me happy... and the things that made me fall off my chair writhing with disgust.
(Don't laugh. These are the same things affecting your prospects.)
I might say, "You've done a great job. And here are some specific tweaks I suggest to make it better..."
Or, I might say: "Yikes! Here's what you better do RIGHT NOW if you're serious about your business!"
In any case, my review will be 100% personal to YOUR advertising and will contain specific, concrete and practical feedback that you can immediately apply to help BOOST your response.


If you do what I say -- and you do it properly -- you should see a definite improvement in your response.


Implementing the ideas I share with you can save you months or years of frustrating and costly trial and error.

Your Copy Might Need Just a Little Tweak.
Or I Might Reveal So Many Mistakes & Violations That You'll Need to -- UGH! -- Start from Scratch

(But it's usually something in between)

LISTEN: If you’re looking for an honest assessment, THEN I'M YOUR COACH

But if you’re afraid to hear that you’re possibly doing it all wrong, you’re better off continuing to bury your head in the sand.

Direct-response advertising is all about testing. Improving. Retesting. And testing again. (That means you need to be cool with making changes.)

“But, Drew! What if I want YOU to make the improvements for me? To actually rewrite the copy for me?”

Just ask, and I’ll be happy to shoot you a quote. Best of all, as a Cashvertising Copy-Coaching Member, you get 25% off my standard hourly creative fees, unavailable to anyone else… plus priority scheduling for the fastest-possible turnaround.

Sounds Great, DREW
but i have questions!

How many ads will Drew review each month?

Your membership does not limit the number of advertising pieces that Drew will review for you, only the total time spent. Show him one promotion… ten or twenty. It’s up to you! He’s happy to “go deep” into one project, or give quicker reviews of many. Ads, web pages, Facebook promos, squeeze pages, sales letters, brochures, flyers, emails, you name it!

How much mentoring/consulting time do I get?

Your membership includes 100 minutes per month. (And Drew keep meticulous time records.) Drew can see a world of problems in just minutes so time is spent efficiently, giving you the best bang for your advertising buck. Need more time? Simply pay the same rate as you pay for monthly membership and get an additional 100 minutes.

Would I be interacting directly with Drew, or just his humble assistant, Dan?

Dan might facilitate the connections, but you’ll deal directly with Drew on all consultations.

Are all businesses, products and services eligible?

Most are, except the following examples…

  • Adult 
  • ​Investing 
  • ​Diet & Nutrition 
  • ​Medical 
  • ​Casino/Gambling 
  • Web Hosting 
  • And anything illegal, unethical or immoral

Should you offer a product or service that you feel might be “questionable,” feel free to ask Drew prior to joining for a quick response. Drew promises to accept only member-applicants whom he believes he can provide maximum benefit.

How long do I have to continue my mentorship?

It’s completely up to you. Consider your first month a trial period. If during your first month you like what you see, then just let your membership continue as long as you’re enjoying Drew’s help. (Billing is automatic.) If not, cancel within those first 30 days and all benefits (and further billing) ceases at the end of your currently paid 30-day period. Drew wants only happy mentees. Thereafter, cancel at any time and, likewise, your membership would continue only until the end of the currently paid month. Simple.

Will you rewrite my copy?

Because this is a mentoring service, my first job is to teach you exactly what you need to do to increase the effectiveness of your copy yourself. The goal is to get you to be able to write excellent copy without having to pay anyone to do it for you. (And to teach you to recognize good copy should you still choose to.) I’ll give specific instructions and examples to make it easy. Of course, if you’re interested in my creative services, I’d be happy to quote you at deeply discounted rates.

Is this a better deal than simply hiring Drew outright?

For mentoring alone, absolutely. Drew’s standard (non-mentoring) rates are based on providing creative services (writing, strategizing, etc,) so you’d pay more, but not get the teaching/mentoring interaction as you do as a member of this Club. As a mentor, Drew will be your personal teacher and coach. And since most who want to learn copywriting aren’t rich CEO’s of giant corporations, Drew keeps this service budget-friendly so it’s affordable to those who are serious about learning this craft.

What is Drew's mentoring style like?

Supportive and thorough, but no-nonsense and right-to-the-point. He won’t waste your time with needless chatter. He’ll tell you what to do and how to do it. At the same time, you shouldn’t be offended with respectful straight talk. If something needs major work, Drew won’t beat around the bush and tell you how marvelous it is because there weren’t any spelling errors. He’ll respect your time and desire to learn by giving direct and concise feedback and clear instructions on how to improve.

The man who wrote the world's highest-rated book on advertising psychology is standing by ready to help you. Check the timer and JOIN NOW before the price increase.

Drew Eric Whitman

"For years I've been asked if I could be a mentor to many aspiring copywriters and business owners looking to hone their persuasive advertising skills. I've finally decided to do it. Join me now and let me help you take your business to the next level!"

"Try My Coaching Club Today. If you don't love it, cancel ANY TIME for a cheerful, no-hassle refund."

“If after the first 30 minutes of any assistance I provide for you, you don’t think it’s worth at least QUADRUPLE the price, simply request a refund by email within 24 hours and prior to any subsequent work or consultation, and I’ll cancel your membership and refund 100% of the money you paid to join. 

After that, cancel any time… billing stops immediately… and you can use your remaining membership time until the end of that month. 

Let’s work together to make your business more successful than ever before. I’m that confident that it will be one of the best and smartest investments you’ve ever made.

I look forward to working with you to make your business more successful than ever! Click the big green JOIN button below today!

One Simple Membership.

One Low Price.

NOTE: Join Now Because Remaining Memberships are Limited

Just $425/Month

(Less than a daily movie & small popcorn)
Join now for low Charter Member rate that won't go up as long as you stay a continuous member.
Ridiculously affordable for this level of expertise & service. Includes 100 monthly minutes of expert personal consulting with Drew whenever you need it.
I have read & agree to the Terms of Service

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