Chamber Members Need BIGGER Ad Response? Use Psychology!

IT’S A FACT: Chamber of Commerce members (and ALL businesses for that matter) can make dramatic improvements to their advertising by following time-tested rules of advertising psychology.

PRESCRIPTION #1: Get the Optical Advantage

FACT: Making your ads simple, clear and more readable goes a long way toward boosting your response.

For example, research suggests it’s advantageous to set long headlines in “Initial Caps”—a combination of upper- and lower-case letters. According to one study, all caps slowed readership by 11.8%. Later studies confirmed.

Why? The human eye recognizes by outline.

TRY THIS TEST: Draw an imaginary line around the following two CAPITALIZED words… allowing your “mental pen” to touch the tops and bottoms of each letter.

The resultant shape is a rectangle, with straight sides all around, like a big, long box.

Next, draw a line around the following 2 words which are set in Initial Caps

RESULT? A rectangle with uneven lines caused by your “pen” rising and falling as it rolls over the caps, and also UP to climb the ascenders…





…and DOWN to drop to the descenders of the lower-case letters.

Meaning? Instantly more recognizable words because THE EYE RECOGNIZES BY OUTLINE.

BOTTOM LINE? 1) Never use all caps for body copy, 2) Use initial caps for headlines longer than 4 words, and 3) Use initial caps for subheads.

Things like this might seem important, however it’s the aggregate result of the inclusion of a number of these “small things” that really add up and make a quantifiable difference in your response.

Stay tuned for more quick-fix prescriptions…


Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

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