AFFILIATE MARKETER? Stop Committing 13 “Deadly” Advertising Mistakes!

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you won’t want to miss my presentation this June in Berlin, Germany at the incredible Affiliate World Europe conference! We’ll talk about 13 things MOST advertisers are doing that are literally PERSUADING PEOPLE TO NOT BUY.

Think about it! Imagine spending time, money and effort to intentionally TURN PEOPLE OFF from your products or services… and drive them to your competition. Chances are, you’re doing it… and you’re not even aware!

This June, there’s no better place in the entire world for affiliate marketers. It’s 2 solid days of success training by some of the best in the business. Check it out… and please stop by and say HELLO. I’d love to meet you!  🙂


One thought on “AFFILIATE MARKETER? Stop Committing 13 “Deadly” Advertising Mistakes!

  1. Mike Martinez said:

    After reading Cashvertising, I went on to make over $2 Million dollars online. I know anyone reading this may think this is a fake testimonial, it is not. Your advice, wisdom and books are the best ever provided or written for the world of marketing. (Yes, I am a real person and this testimonial is real!)

    Drop me an email sometime, Drew, would love to share the story in private.

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