AdPOWER Quick Tip #12: Honesty (Really) Pays

consulting-image-1In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), It’s called reframing, and it helps you turn “negatives” into big positives.

Fact is, not only is it good business–and something you should do in all cases anyway–but telling the truth can actually result in more sales.

That’s because admitting a negligible “fault” or even a “borderline deficiency” connotes you’re honest and lends credibility to the rest of your ad.

PEST CONTROL? “Our specialists might take a few minutes longer to treat your home, but that’s because we always include a free termite pest analysis with every application.”

WEB DESIGNER? “I admit it. I’m not the fastest web designer. You might have to wait a day or two longer for your finished job. That’s because–unlike many other web designers today–I use absolutely no generic, boring, off-the-shelf templates. All my web design is 100% custom and is made exclusively for YOU.”

HOUSE CLEANER? “Unlike most other cleaning services, we don’t bring our own vacuum cleaner to your house–we use yours. That’s because our clients, understandably, don’t want the dirt from other people’s carpets on their floors. We also don’t bring our own cleaning products. Some of our clients like pine oil… others are allergic to it… and still others prefer the smell of lemon. So we use your products… the ones that you like best. While this policy might make doing business with us a tad less convenient, we think it makes our clients far happier and more satisfied with our work.”

honestyAdvertising master John Caples called it, “Telling the dark side” and, when used properly, can really help you differentiate yourself in the market.

Think about it. What small “deficiency” could you admit to, to help convey credibility? What “drawback” can you turn into a powerful advantage that actually helps you sell against your competition?

Until next time, I wish you success!



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