What’s the difference between a sales wizard and a low-performance flop?

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What’s the difference between a sales wizard and a low-performance flop?

For example…

Salesman Joe routinely closes deals on homes worth over $3 million…

… while Bill bangs his head against the wall trying to sell $50 cell phones.

Lindsay frequently wins awards for selling the most $380,000 Rolls Royce Phantoms during the slow summer months…

… while Janet just got fired because she couldn’t figure out how to persuade more businesses to try her $99 monthly coffee-delivery service.

Fact is, these four salespeople have great personalities… bright smiles… firm handshakes… and excellent prospecting and follow-up skills.

They’re all dedicated… hard workers… and have families to support.

But the differences in their performance is dramatic. And it’s reflected numerically in the last line of their respective bank statements.

So what’s the answer? Why do some salespeople earn big, fat, healthy commission checks while others are just scraping by?

The “secret” is…


Because just like today’s most mind-boggling magicians, these high-earning sales “wizards” have special “tricks” of their own.  They use consumer psychology.  Powerful methods that influence people to buy like crazy.  In fact, New York’s biggest ad agencies also use these tactics to create irresistible advertising for their big-budget clients.  And it doesn’t matter what these sales experts sell… these tricks work for every business.  Plus, they’re 100% legal, ethical, and very powerful.

My new book:

BrainScripts 3d Cover--300dpiBrainScripts for Sales Success: 21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning Customers

…takes you on a fascinating tour inside the consumer brain, and teaches you the powerful techniques of sales psychology that top-gun pros use to persuade people to buy…  Buy… BUY like crazy.

No matter what you sell—or where they sell it—the tested and proven ideas in this practical, fast-reading book will teach you…

=> How to use the powerful emotion of fear to convince even the most stubborn prospects—Here’s how to ethically use it to motivate people to buy what you sell.

=> How to make prospects personally identify with your products—It’s like taking an x-ray of their brains before you ask for the sale.

=> How to borrow believability from others to enhance your own—Breaking sales records is easy when people believe what you say. Here’s how to do it—even if they don’t know you from Adam.

=> How to tailor your sales pitch for your prospects’ specific stage of awareness—Joe loves your product… Lindsay has never heard of it! Here’s how to sell them both in the quickest, easiest way. (It’s simpler than you think.)

=> How to crush your competition… before they know what hit them—by using  devilishly effective preemptive strikes that leave them scratching their heads.

=>  How to change the way your prospects think about your product—No matter what they already know about it, you can actually shape how their brains process the value of your products. Result? Greater desire and more sales.

=> How to make prospects successfully demonstrate your product inside their heads before they spend a penny to buy it— Do this, and the sale is 75% closed.

=> How to use powerful speaking patterns that build a river of desire for any product or service—An amazingly powerful way to talk that gets your prospects’ buying juices flowing. If you didn’t have their attention before… just wait until you see how they respond now.

=> How to smoke the competition with the power of “extreme specificity”—Chances are none of your competitors are using this tactic… and they’ll hate you for it. (But you’ll love how it affects your bank account.)

=> What common mistakes to avoid… at all costs—Commit these sales blunders and you might as well stay in bed the next day. (How many are you making right now?)

=> What you should NEVER/ALWAYS do during any sales presentation—whether in person, by phone, email or letter. These tips will save you years of wasted effort.

=>  Expert guides, tips and strategies—all based not on hypothesis, conjecture or wishful thinking, but on tested and proven methods of consumer psychology.

=> Plus actual scripts to use in any selling situation, across any field or industry, based on the 21 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology, to successfully win customers and make the sale.

=> And much more.

If you liked CA$HVERTISING, I think you’ll love BrainScripts, because it picks up where CA$HVERTISING left off.

CA$HVERTISING begins with a brief explanation of the foundational principles of consumer psychology, and then in the remaining pages–the majority of the book–teaches principles of advertising psychology to help you boost the sales power of your ads, brochures, emails, websites, sales letters and other ad media.

BrainScripts, by contrast, focuses on 21 principles of consumer psychology and goes far deeper into each (since the entire book is dedicated to them)–and features a practical twist: dozens of actual scripts showing how to put the principles into action… how to speak them to others… and how to insert persuasion into every sales presentation. Whereas CA$HVERTISING focused on advertising, BrainScripts focuses on person-to-person sales… an even larger market than for CA$HVERTISING.

Order your copy of BrainScripts now at Amazon’s low pre-publication price: http://amzn.to/1fEZmxf  For AUDIO rights, contact me here.

And if you happen to be a foreign publisher looking for translation rights, click here.

Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

• Author of the advertising best-seller:
CA$HVERTISINGnow in its 3rd printing from Career Press. Translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese,Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Thai. http://amzn.to/1ogZdcI

• Author of: BrainScripts for Sales Success:
21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology
for Winning Customers” Worldwide release in 2014 by global-publishing leader McGraw-Hillhttp://amzn.to/1fEZmxf

“Drew Eric Whitman has done it again! BrainScripts gives you
tested psychological tools—plus actual scripts—that help you influence
people to buy. Read it and sell more—it’s just that simple.”
Roger Dawson, author of Secrets of Power Negotiating

“Drew Eric Whitman’s BrainScripts provides a rich journey through the
psychology of beliefs and their influence on how we make decisions.
It shows in detail how beliefs become established, how they affect behavior
and, most importantly, how business owners can ethically tap into them
to help their companies grow and prosper.”

Robert Dilts, Founder NLP University

 “In sales we all want a competitive edge. Drew Eric Whitman gives us
valuable insight into our prospects’ minds. Can you imagine the power
in your sales presentation when you understand your prospects
better than they know themselves?”

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Sales Presentation Skills Expert
Past President of the National Speakers Association

“BrainScripts, gives sellers an inside look into the psychology of selling,
including why people buy and why they don’t. It’s like looking onto a crystal ball of human behavior. This is the most comprehensive work on the subject since the selling environment changed dramatically back in 2008.”
Thomas A. Freese, author of Secrets of Question Based Selling

“The material in BrainScripts is so powerful it should require a license for use. Luckily for salespeople, we just need to read and apply these
psychological principles to sell more than ever.”
Art Sobczak, author of Smart Calling—Eliminate the Fear, Failure,
and Rejection from Cold Calling

“Instead of just random talking, BrainScripts gives you
actual scripts to help get your sales message across without setting off
your prospects’ ‘What’s the catch?’ and ‘It’s too good to be true!’ alarms.”
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, author of How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, and Rapport!

“Drew Eric Whitman’s BrainScripts is the definitive advantage in sales strategy—like playing poker while seeing your opponents’ cards.
Read it and win… or pray your competitors do not.”
MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane

“Well-meaning, but totally out-of-touch salespeople often use lovely words extolling their own thoughts about a product or service without understanding the innermost thought processes and desires of the prospect. Drew Eric Whitman shows you why
that’s dead wrong, takes you inside the step-by-step thinking of the merely curious and the deeply desirous, and then shows you how to snag the prospect’s interest and lead him/her to an urgent thrust to purchase! BrainScripts brings you face-to-face with the prospect’s intimate evaluation procedures so you can turn them into sales motivations and close the deal!
René Gnam, author of René Gnam’s Direct Mail Workshop

“Drew Eric Whitman’s BrainScripts takes sales psychology to a new level.
His practical and easy-to-use tips will also take you to the next level.”
Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.
America’s Sales Psychologist

“Brilliant stuff! BrainScripts is your magic key to unlocking
your prospects’ minds. Packed with game-changing ideas and insights, it can help you gain the upper hand in your dealings with people
even if you’re not in sales. It gives you an almost
unfair advantage—yet it’s all perfectly legal!”
Richard Bayan, author of Words That Sell 

“If you want to fix a car, it helps to read the repair manual. If you want to sell
more products and services, it helps to learn what influences the consumer mind. BrainScripts is the sales manual that puts you light years ahead of your competition in understanding what makes people buy and positively influencing their buying decisions. I suggest you read it… before your competition does.”
Dr. Tony Alessandra, author The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery

 “This is one of those rare books that I wish wouldn’t get published. It reveals new secrets based on real experience and the latest scientific evidence. A masterpiece! This gem will become the new sales bible.”
Dr. Joe Vitale, author Hypnotic Writing and
There’s A Customer Born Every Minute


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